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Our continuing series called What's Working looks at innovations that are paying off in America, from education to infrastructure and more. Labor Department figures show solar panel and wind turbine technicians are the two fastest-growing careers in the country. Texas is where you'll find the most of those wind industry jobs. The traditionally conservative state is leading the way for renewable energy across the nation. Steve Inskeep reports.

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Heartwarming to see a Republican state leading the way on at least one type of renewable energy. Miss this boat on this one and you can forget about new jobs. Solar and wind will be needed to power the factories of tomorrow. Where robots backed by Ai's work 24/7/365 make the goods we all will need. Musk won't be the only guy building Giga factories, everything will be produced by these types of plants, the only questions is where will they be built. Have the energy and you will have gone 90% of the way.
Terry Tong
I am Chinese & I support Trump.
Crimson B Retrograde
Texas should go solar too
Texas has been a leader of wind energy for a long time now. There's nothing new about it. How come everything you guys talk about needs to come off political. You make it sound like Trump wants to make coal the leading energy in the country. If you actually look at parry is promoting nuclear energy over everything.
Kenneth Pehle
Mayor Dale Ross is one of the rare republicans that understands solar and wind are the future
Tom Smith
a waste of money!!! half don't work...the other half are laying on the ground!!!
I saw them .
prathyush parepally
Hey CBS, Why do you end your videos with someone in mid sentence? This happened in more than 2 videos.
Steven Gauna
Our electric bill comes out to 60.00 bucks because of Trumps tax cuts. During the Obama years 200.00 per month.
T John
"Very Clean Coal" yes it's more costly, more dangerous, and much more difficult to produce. But hey those are just facts you keep touting that non existant clean coal Mr President.
I support Trump and I think they are beautiful. They are in every little town down here in S. Texas. I don’t care if he thinks they are ugly. So what?
wesley rodgers
Excellent ;)
Hank Terreros
Cool, but coal is cooler now.
Wendy Alexander
And just think, Trump hates wind mills! He says they're unsightly!
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The rise of vertical farming - VPRO Texas at forefront of renewable energy 1 day ago   47:07

Food flats and vertical farming as an alternative to our inefficient food system: in order to do vertical farming in a sustainable way, we must integrate the food production into the urban infrastructure for a significant part. At present, our food system is inefficiently organized: our food travels many kilometers, uses a lot of water, is wasted and pollutes the environment. Nevertheless, the 7 billion inhabitants, often living in large cities, need to be fed. Food flats and vertical farming in urban agriculture are important alternatives to our current inefficient food system.

Original title: Boer zoekt voedselflat

To produce sufficient food for the estimated - nine billion people in 20 years, experiments with vertical farming, rooftop gardening and even sea-farming are being conducted. Food is inefficiently hauled around the world to feed cities and to provide people who live in places where no food can be grown. Two-thirds of all available fresh water is now being used for food production. Two thirds of all water pollution is caused by the use of pesticides. In order to reduce the amount of foodmiles, the distance that takes food between place of production and consumption, and prevent waste, vertical farms are emerging worldwide.

The American company Aerofarms is currently the largest vertical farm in the world. In a former steel factory, looking industrial and raw from outside, and being high tech indoors, the company produces lettuce and vegetable for around 25,000 people in the neighborhood. Aerofarms is putting on this kind of vertical farms in several locations worldwide. Always in the city up to 1.5 kilometers away from a large supermarket or distribution center.

But Aerofarm is not the only one. In cities where it is difficult to supply enough fresh food, local entrepreneurs sniff the opportunities and start city-building initiatives. Sometimes small-scale as a social project, sometimes large-scale and necessary, as in Sweden and Singapore. In the Netherlands this need is smaller. Westland is already being cultivated in a very intensive way. On a relatively small piece of land, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are produced for the whole world.

The Netherlands, after the United States, is the second agricultural exporter in the world. Everywhere farmers, gardeners, researchers and mayors come to our country to inform themselves. The combination of the research power of Wageningen University, the experience of growers and the technological knowledge about the possibilities of led lighting that is indispensable for vertical agriculture makes our country unique. But is our position as exporting country to be under pressure as more and more companies from all over the world, with our knowledge, grow their vegetables and lettuce vertically and locally?

With: Dickson Despommier (author The Vertical Farm), Jan-Willem van der Schans (researcher Wageningen University & Research).

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2017.
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