I Found The END Portal In Minecraft - Part Skyblock, but Every 30 Seconds a Random 1 day ago   32:48

I think I found what I've been searching for in Minecraft

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Donkey Con
Ya'know Jack, if you play disc 13 and 11 together at the same time (in different note blocks of course) then it will have out a creepy vibe, however there is no disc 12, suspicion has gotten the better of me
Donkey Con
Every time Sean smiles or laughs, it makes me so happy and not so depressed anymore. I look up to you Jack❤❤❤
The name's Elaine
You should defeat the wither first
Eccoe Dean
Jack, when you go fight the Ender dragon you can take the Ender egg and hatch it but you need to look it up. Just thought you would love a dragon pet.
Oh Sean, you're the son of land and lake? So... YOU ARE OBSIDIAN!!! :O
Cam Bo2018
Why dont you just always keep a bucket of water with you.. or two knowing you lmfao
Yasmina Long
he is invisible bc he took a potion of invisibility
chuck norriss or grand master beard fist
Creepers they blow up so fast
Jeo Matugas
No dont bully chuck
Griffin Kidd
You can copy he world and do what you said
hintofmint flufy
Roses are red
Jack is good
I liked my own comment
Cuz no one else would
Ma man has a minechaft a spawner all inside his stronghold fml
The travelling merchant villager drinks a potion of invisibility when the sun sets.
Hoppers only pull from containers above it. It cannot pull from the sides.
10:10 my heart went to the bottom of my feet
*creeper creeps up on me*
me:RIGHT CLICK(with shield obviously)

sean/jack/jacksepticeye:AHHHHHHH/aka irish noises*loud ones*

3:50 (doesn't count but who gives a fricc) 11:35
Jack bane of Arthropods is shit
zoe whitmore
JAAACCKKK. Check your armour. You might have the feather fallling enchantment on one of the that is causing you not to take fall damage.
Lulu Agatha
ily but god it irritates me so much that you never feed your pets and animals, THEY'RE STARVING
purple inkling
Jacksepeye the commands to turn on the fall lava and drown damage are
/gamerule dofiredamage true

/gamerule dofalldamage true

/gamerule dodrowndamage true
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Skyblock, but Every 30 Seconds a Random I Found The END Portal In Minecraft - Part 1 day ago   15:10

On a single block of bedrock, I am expected to survive with one item spawning every 30 seconds.

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Phoenix: https://www.youtube.com/user/phnixhamstasc
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Edited: by me

Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

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