Blippi Teaches Numbers 1 to 10 for Children Tayo The New Emergency Center is Coming! 1 day ago   24:28

Blippi teaches numbers 1-10 for toddlers and children in this video. Open the surprise boxes and learn numbers 1 to 10 with Blippi. Blippi makes Educational videos for toddlers like this learn numbers video for toddlers. Dance to Blippi songs and snippets of Blippi videos in this learn numbers 1 to 10 in this Blippi surprise boxes video. Subscribe to Blippi at

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If your children desire to learn colors, learn numbers, and learn shapes then Blippi is the perfect educational children's show for your child.

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If your child loves the Blippi Number Boxes they will love the Blippi Colors Boxes and Blippi Alphabet Boxes.

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Tayo The New Emergency Center is Coming! Blippi Teaches Numbers 1 to 10 for Children 1 day ago   1:01:50

A new emergency center building opens up and all members of the rescue team vehicles(Frank the Fire Truck/Engine, Alice the Ambulance, Pat the Police Car, Rookie the Police man) will live together in the same place. Much to the surprise of everyone, the members of the rescue team (brave vehicles) living together, isn’t as easy as working together. Pat’s siren wailing during his sleep, Frank’s water shooting practice in the front yard and Alice’s puppy make things very uncomfortable and everyone starts to avoid their roommates. This all changes when they are dispatched to a major fire incident that brings them all together! Go rescue team! Go the New Emergency Center!

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