Cute Puppy from Paw Patrol PUPPY PATROL Songs Compilation 2 days ago   10:09

Ellie Sparkles
Paw Patrol pups Marshall and Chase are remade with Play-Doh in this Claymation Stop motion video with the Fire pup, and the Trolls Bergens, Poppy, Branch, Chef and King Gristle. Watchh this Play Doh playmation as the night time villains slime Marshall from Paw Patrol, but Marshall gets even with in claymation. And then, watch as Spiderman chases the chase the villains down the road. Are you ready for some claymation fun? Let’s go!
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Music Used:
Jaunty Guption, Bit Quest.mp3 by Kevin MacLeod at
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



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PUPPY PATROL Songs Compilation Cute Puppy from Paw Patrol 2 days ago   20:56

A fun compilation of all Paw Patrol songs:#littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes

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List of Songs;
Puppy Patrol
Itsy Bitsy Sider
Wheels on the Bus
Hokey Pokey
Baby Shark
Dinosaur Stomp
Where are my Stripes
Race Car with McQueen
Paw Patrol Chase
Apples and Bananas

Animations by:Valnet Inc.
Copyright 2017 Valnet

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