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Louis Tomlinson - Two Of Us (Lyric Video)
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Two Of Us Lyrics

It’s been a minute since I called you
just to hear the answerphone.
Yeah I know that you won’t get this
But I’ll leave a message so I’m not alone.
This morning I woke up still dreaming
With memories playing through my head.
You’ll never know how much I miss you.
The day that they took you,
I wish it was me instead.

But you once told me don’t give up..
You can do it day by day..
And diamonds they don't turn to dust or fade away’.

So I will keep you, day and night.
Here until the day I die,
I’ll be living one life for the two of us.
I will be the best of me,
Always keep you next to me.
I’ll be living one life for the two of us.
Even when I’m on my own,
I know I won’t be alone.
Tattoo’d on my heart are the words of your favourite song.
I know you’ll be looking down.
Swear I’m gonna make you proud.
I’ll be living one life for the two of us.

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The Singer/ Gymnast
When I here this song it makes me think of my best friend that dies in sixth grade. I miss you so much Francis. I hope your doing well in heaven, I will always miss you ❤️❤️❤️

And now I’m crying 😭
samantha gomez
Maratón 💙
Leigha Kempf
the people who disliked it don't understand the inner roots to this powerful melody
l o t t i e
stay strong tommo, we love you endlessly and so do your mum and fizzy, they’re so proud ❤️
Maria Jose Mendoza
Amo a Louis y amo esta canción siempre trayendo algo que llega al corazón❤❤❤❤
Lynn Asi
Oh no no! Omg lou im sorry 😭💔 Rest in peace Fizzy 😭
You lost your mother and Sister ! Omg you are the strongest singer 😭
Larry’s Rainbow
My heart...😞❤️
Theresa Valdes
Alaways be with your family's not the one I mash up the text oops yes to fast sorry
Theresa Valdes
I'm sorry for your lost Louis I pray for you and your family to be okay and we together reamber be together with your family's aelaus 😘☺️ but I love this song it's beautiful for your mom she will be so proudly of you like and everyone is here for you even your family's too is with you good is there as well be safe land warm Louis out there☺️😘 love yah God bless you Louis and your families too
Kelly Mendes
It’s so sad how you wrote the song for your mother trust me she is so proud 😭❤️ and then after it was released you sister passed away 🤧🤧 I’m so sorry you have to go through this baby 💔
harryyy styles
All of the 2k people who disliked are heartless.
Im crying so much every freaking time i listen to this, tommo just stay strong
I'm so sorry for your loss stay strong Tommo
G Rose
Nicole Zelaya
So proud of Louis
Nicole Zelaya
I love this song
Savić azwar anas
Stay Strong Louis
Rahul Gautam
be strong man..... keep doing the hard work because it's great
Maria Palazón
I'm super proud of you Louis hope you know that. love you
Zenas MSP
I'm back. Stay Strong, Lou. Don't give up. xx
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James Arthur - Stop Asking Louis Tomlinson - Two of Us (Lyric Video) 1 day ago   03:05

An old unreleased song.

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