Learn How China Transforms Desert Rural Chinese Farmers 2 days ago   05:58

Richard Aguilar
Transforming desert into productive land is already taking place in North China’s Inner Mongolia. Many food plants like corn, tomatoes, sorghum or even sunflowers are already growing there. As a result, 200 hectares of desert is transformed into kind of like an oasis in just six months period.

Watch and Learn how China Converts Desert into productive land by applying new technology to convert desert sand into soil where plants can grow and survive even in hot climate.

This new breakthrough has been discovered by experts at Chongqing Jiatong University, China

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It's interesting though it has been done before by following the principles of permaculture (self-sustainable environment). You can find video on you Tube about that. I think it's very important to recreate an environment which mimic nature and take the opportunity to reintroduce species in their environment. However, unless we change lifestyle, this planet alone will never be able to sustain us all. There is enough for everybody's needs but not enough for everybody's greed!
Amit Singh
China is doing a great work. Comment from India.
Meryl Slabbert
Tvb.nut: non- constructive reply ! Clearly you did not follow up to find out the Olesens are international company, and apply their tech to desert areas eg. Egypt, by invitation!
Antonio Lemos
A Artisan
Its always nice to see real people doing these information videos. Too many channels just cop out and use a robot voice.
Water & Sky
This is one of the most interesting news topics coming out of China. I hope you keep following up on this when project progresses!
mahmood razek
Thank you ..hope you mentioned the approximate coast of this new marvelous technology
Meanwhile Joking Bullshiton is threatening Africa to be friends or else LOL
Baidu Mel
China is doing their best to fight runaway Global Warming destruction while Trump doing their best to denine global warming and encourage to burn more coal and petrol fuel for bigger SUV and trucks.
Chul Hogan
I kinda miss the old format, maybe you can do both
Bob Jackson
Good leadership that can see further than the next election, plus a hardworking population, together they can achieve great things.
Meryl Slabbert
Seems extraordinarily similar to the approach developed by the Norwegians Ole Morten Olesen, and his father, ( refer TED talk ."..turning sand into soil in 7 hours") about 10 years ago ...? Reverse engineering?
The Ultimate Reductionist
Fantastic news! Richard: you should do a video about the numerous biocultured meat startup firms:
Modern Meadow, Manufactured Meat, Kiverdi, I have a list of about 40 of them.
that is amazing. hope they convert all of China desert into fertile land
glenn goodale
Thanks for sharing another great video.
Thanks Richard. Appreciate your unbiased videos showing tech around the world without politics.

Ignore those negative or disparaging comments. Next thing stupid Americans will proclaim this green tech is copied or stolen US technology. Until Las Vegas has tall trees and rivers like Yellowstone they should STFU.
patrick leahy
Just following the rest of the world nothing new
from Australia really liking what china is doing for the world
Fantastic achievement...
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Rural Chinese Farmers Learn How China Transforms Desert 2 days ago   03:40

A clip of Chinese rural "peasant" farmers from the series The Global Nomad - China. Presenter is Manchan Magan. Produced in 2003, so the 1.3billion population figure isn't quite accurate these days!

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