Fortnite - Rift Zone - Moisty *NEW* SECRET LOCATION CHANGES 2 days ago   00:32

Locations once thought to be lost are beginning to appear, but they aren’t the same as they once were…Drop into Moisty Palms now!

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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Summer Immortal
oh ok so swamp + oasis = the ability to turn into a toilet
Jack Brown
Please, add more stuff that's appealing to 3-4-year-olds who aren't even allowed to play this game.

E.g. would be nicer also if the the toilet morphing effect was present on the whole map. Plus we need taco dance every 30s (50s is waaaay too long, like c'mon...) for at least 15 seconds. 66% of time playing, 33% dancing is a sweetspot (did I forget to add that it also needs to be present on the whole map?)

And maybe let's just change the name of the mode to Taco-Toilet Battle Royal or smth, so it's more reflective of the content...
And Epic - don't forget to wipe your ass with the legit and reasonable expectations and preferences of the >100 IQ playerbase.

Let those peasants migrate to other games.
R.I.P. fortnite. What a shame... I honestly don't even want to guess what's coming up next season.
Vex twister
:fortnite saying every thing coming from the past is out :me: are u sure about that
Jason Blake
I'm the God of Fortnite
Raycay Bros
They pretty much made paradaise worse in this update. I hate rift zones (except for loot lake)
jordan swavy 2x
Season X epic is on crack season 1 2 3 4 epic is chill
vo4tex YT
Can't u just remove the mech fortnite isn't fun anymore
Ryzer Fighter
Remove the Mech!
Blu Scythe
What about greasy, huh epic?
Gard Myklebust
Dr wolf
People with an iq obove 0 will not belive the suspiciously placed objects around a fricking Llama
Suqi18365hk 😂
qopoy dnon
Can’t wait to be killed by an actual bush this time...
Ferrkhan Havard
Wow all these psn packs but no Xbox packs
pedro gamer
Épic games. Tá. De. Parabes
Mewantsnax __
"Moisty Palms" "Moisty Palms?" *"Moisty Palms"*

Who came up with that name?
bocoy noiu
Why do I always imagine Fortnite as role play game someday.
O XelP¡
I just hate moisty palms, why cuz it would be an easy win if moisty palms wouldnt exist cuz i accidentaly crouched and died and also why would you turn into a prop like who thought it was a good idea
Hey Meraba dostum
Streamers gonna say stream sniping or YOU FLOSHEDDDDD
Who love this game
I hate it
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*NEW* SECRET LOCATION CHANGES Fortnite - Rift Zone - Moisty 2 days ago   10:10

🎬 NEW update Fortnite Season 10 news! These are all the Secret hidden location that everyone missed in the new Season 10 Season X map! From the return of the rocket to the return of Greasy Grove and Moisty Palms and Moisty Mires and many more! These Fortnite locations are changing. Watch
*NEW* SECRET LOCATION CHANGES THAT *EVERYONE MISSED* IN SEASON 10 MAP! ROCKET, CREEPY HOUSE & MORE! and see if we can uncover Season 10 and these hidden location secrets that everyone missed!

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