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Tsm Slappie Challenged Daequan To A 1V1! - Tsm Slappie Challenges Wintrrz To Win Insane - Ufl Video Sharing.

TSM Slappie Challenged Daequan to a 1v1! TSM Slappie Challenges Wintrrz To Win INSANE 1 day ago   10:32

TSM Slappie Being TOXIC for 10 Minutes Straight!! (Daequan, Myth, Sceptic, Wintrrz)

FORTNITE Battle Royale Highlights/Best Moments

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Mongraal, Symfuhny, MrSavageM and Chap Broke *KILL RECORD* in Pop-Up Cup:

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Comments 13068 Comments

Poor Cheez-It 😂
ItsJuniors Life
LOL he says he had merry magruder but first of all it's a skin and most people know lazarbeam had merry maruader
Curtz Curtz
Daquan will clap u
Geek Adventures
She's like 5 or he. Lmao. Why does his/her opinion matter you're a little kid that sounds like a female lmao
Sloth Fortnite and more
Slappie:oh you suck you suck i suck on your duck...he's so cringey

Me:he's cringey you said you suck on peoples duck like WTF!
Slappie a bitch, like an actual bitch
Sakchai Khamma
Honestly hate slappie so much
Alexander Hicks
Such a hater lol
Jesus Christ
Beat y’all kids
This kid can't handle the fact that wintrz is better than him and him and his squad at the end need to die
Talib MustafaMoore
2:30 *Your legit 14*
Cameron Harrup
I wanna punch this kid right in the fucking chest
Kevin Nolan
My ears hurt
Derp Duck
I think the spaghetti has gone bad
dazy Jc
Buddy needs some sun and some food looking malnourished 🤷🏻‍♂️👀
Callan Edwards
Why does nobody stand up to him and say hes toxic and a spoiled little bratt?
Jake Harrison
Dis lil niqqa needs a whoopin. Man, Dequan will cruise his ass. He WILL *capistrate* this fuckin kid lmao

Edit: Do not [I repeat]] Do NOT Look up the word capistrate (its vulgar) in otherwords....fcuked up
Dino Plays
Oh, Slappie, how you dun goofed.
F34R Scoopes
Slappie trash tho come on man
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TSM Slappie Challenges Wintrrz To Win INSANE TSM Slappie Challenged Daequan to a 1v1! 1 day ago   10:20

Welcome to the video where we have the 15 year old pro player TSM Slappie announcing that he has a grand prize for the player with the fastest editing time in his new editing course. Wintrrz decides that he wants the fastest edits, so tries to prove his maximum editing speed.
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