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GotBackupOnline - GotBackup Best Secure Cloud Storage Service - Your just steps away from making a full time income with this amazing opportunity

But first, let me ask you a question?

Do you know anyone with a computer, smartphone or tablet?

How about someone who's had a hard drive fail or lost documents, photos, music or video?

If you do, the GotBackup opportunity is for you

We all should backup our devices but how many of us actually do? I didn't and lost family pictures.

GotBackup is the very first fully automated set and forget secure cloud storage service that pays 100% commissions to you and your team on a consumer based product that anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone needs

Concerned about marketing? Don't be.......

When you become a GotBackup licensed reseller, you'll find a great marketing package to help you promote this data backup system

Now you ask, how do I get paid

First, you can have unlimited amount of Gotbackup direct referrals which we call your front line

Then, the certified GotBackup licensed resellers in your front line can have there own referrals, passing income back to you

We call this your power line

At GotBackup your Front Line and Power Line gives you unlimited width and depth

Now let's do the math on how this amazing compensation plan can quickly generate some Serious Residual Income

Let's say you just got started. Your first month you make a $1000 dollars in direct referral's. AWESOME.... You keep 100% of that

Currently in your front line is Mary and she also made a thousand dollars from direct referrals this month. Dan who is Mary's direct referral, and therefore in your powerline has done the same

Now that we know the total of what you, Mary and Dan have each made this month, lets' look at what that means to you and how much more additional income you can make

Now remember, this month Dan made a total of $1000 dollars which means that Mary receives a matching check equal to 50% of what Dan made, so Mary makes $500 in addition to the $1000 dollars she made this month

That's a total of $1500 dollars for Mary. Mary ROCKS.......

But it gets even better than that.

Now because Mary made $1500 dollars, you receive a matching check equal to half of what Mary made. That's an additional $750 of residual income on top of the $1000 dollars you already made, giving you a grand total of $1750 dollars that you made in just one month

Simply put, that's 100% of what you made or $1000 dollars, 50% of what Mary earned or $500 dollars plus 50% of what Mary earned from Dan which is $250 dollars

Are you starting to see the opportunity?

Get started today for just 1 dollar

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FREE Dropbox Alternatives, Hak5 GotBackup - Best Secure Cloud 1 day ago   19:10

Open Source Cloud Sharing with Pulse (previously SyncThing). Why pay for Dropbox when you could sync it yourself? Shannon Morse checks out this awesome cross-platform cloud sharing app. All that and more, this time on Hak5.

Pulse (previously SyncThing) is an open source, open protocol, file synchronization program. Data is stored only on your computers, not up in the "cloud". It's encrypted via TLS and available for Mac, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris.

To download, visit github page and choose compiled version for your computer. Run the file, and it'll open a http://localhost:8080 on your browser. It creates a sync folder in your home directory.

To configure, click "add device" to add another PC to your sync. Put in their Device ID, which will be their 56 digit node ID. Can leave name blank if you want, click ok. It'll say disconnected. Now Edit Folder, and choose Share With Devices - Choose your other computer's ID.
Go to your settings and click Restart.

After about a minute you should connect to other computer. have to do the same protocol on the second computer as well for the sync to work. The device will turn Green and say Connected. Trouble? Make sure your firewall is turned configured.

You can then share files with other devices in that folder.
Files will be copied over to your computer and back from the other machine. So make sure you have enough space on your HDD to share files back and forth. Also, any changes to said files will be automatically changed on both computers.

Please watch: "Bash Bunny Primer - Hak5 2225"

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