10 Times Hey Arnold! Got DEPRESSINGLY DARK Top 20 Saddest Moments In Kid Shows | blameitonjorge 2 days ago   12:14

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10 Times Hey Arnold! Got DEPRESSINGLY DARK

Hey Arnold! was one of the best nickelodeon shows from many of our childhoods. However, as kids, many of us overlooked some of the profound themes that existed throughout the story. At times, the show shined a light on dark realities that exist in the real world. Abandonment, addiction, negligence, war, poverty and crime. Hey Arnold! was an incredibly mature show that got quite dark at times. Today we're counting down the 10 Times Hey Arnold! Got DEPRESSINGLY DARK. #HeyArnold #Nickelodeon




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Script Written by: Kennita Leon (http://www.instagram.com/k_leonrose)
Voice Over by: Kyle James (http://www.twitter.com/kylejbeauregard)
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Research by: Trixia Salonga
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William Moody
In Helga’s counseling episode she mentions that she’s obsessed with Arnold and would practice 3am vigils, tantric spells, and animal sacrifices to his shrine made out of his used chewing gum. It don’t get darker than that.
Zhanon Morales
Hey Arnold was the TRUTH back in the day. It talked and showed the truth to kids. And that's why 90's kids are smarter than those of 00's kids. FACTS!
baby doll
the episode w the pigeon man. saddest ever.
Dr. K Ray
Anyone else think that Helga's mom was an alcoholic? Also a dark subject was the fact that Arnold could never have his dream girl because one was older and the other just liked him, not like like him and also the student teacher. Also Phoebe looking up to her idol only to be disappointed is kinda depressing.
Mark Rodriguez
Wtf. lol the part where its showing scene of Harold and the bread...That narrator sounds like Anthony Bourdain. lol
With Richter I Shall Defeat Thee
Stoop kid and Helga should have linked up. So much going on with each of em but, the one thing they have in commom with one another....abandonment. Stoop kid physically, and Helga emotionally
Valarius J.
You forgot to include WHY Chocolate Boy is addicted to chocolate. It was the last thing he received from his Grandma before she left, he eats it because it reminds him of her and he won't stop until she comes back, but she never does. He confesses this to Arnold.
Ad’ryan Williams
Wait, who remembers hey Arnold! I do remember shows such as Ed, Edd&Eddy, proud family( I don’t remember when but I did watch proud family), Jimmy neutron, Lizzy McGuire, Zoey 101 etc: still, time flies fast
Pervy Turtle
Stoop kids afraid to leave his stoop.
DeeAndrea Roach
They showed real life experience 💁‍♀️ that's my show
Leo Foenerro
that christmas episode was what triggered my brain to learn new emotions as a kid.
LAnge mdeani
2:06 is he feeding a pig fucking bacon!
Moroccan Queen
Why is this not airing anymore
I actually loved the movie
Nora 72180
Man ! I remember when kid cartoons where innocent .... good days ... good days .....
Doris Barkler
The Grimms fairytales of my generation.
Landon Walker

Little off there buddy
I wasn't born in the 90's but man I wish I was these times seemed awesome you guys had the best games, shows, food, and more. I love watching 90's cartoons such as Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, Spongebob season 1, and many more the 90's seemed like the best time to be born I'm glad I can watch cartoons from what seems the best era of life.
Daisy White Maurer
What about Brainy? That kid couldn't breathe.
Taylor Pike
I know they were on different networks but I would've loved to see a Hey Arnold/Recess crossover episode.
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Top 20 Saddest Moments In Kid Shows | blameitonjorge 10 Times Hey Arnold! Got DEPRESSINGLY DARK 2 days ago   28:08

As children grow up, they’re absorbent to everything exposed to them. This is the age where they’re and developed into the person they’re going to be. As such, they deserve the best media television has to offer, with likeable characters, good morals, and so on. But when a character becomes so real that children can start to relate and feel with them, it’s powerful. So today, we’re counting down the saddest moments in kid shows. Before there’s a in the comments, spoilers!, these moments may not be sad now as we get older, but they definitely were as kids, and some moments will mean more to me if its from a show I grew up with. Anyways!, This is the Top 20 Saddest Moments in Kid Shows.

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Top 20 Saddest Moments In Kid Shows | blameitonjorge


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