"Liar!" Bercow loses it as May gets BREXIT - Ian Blackford ‘brutally’ takes 1 day ago   05:00

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THERESA May will today urge MPs to "hold our nerve" over Brexit talks as she pleads with them for more time to get a new deal sealed.

Ahead of another crunch set of crucial Commons debates on Thursday, the PM will beg her own MPs to give her more time to get an agreement that can be passed in the Commons.

She will tell them that talks are at a "crucial stage" but only by standing firm will we get the changes needed to get Brexit done on time - by March 29.

But some MPs think she's deliberately running down the clock to try and force them into backing her deal at the last moment.

The PM is still looking at how to replace the hated Northern Irish backstop with a new plan or to get the EU to agree it needs to be time limited and not trapping the UK in it forever...

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What are the latest no-deal Brexit odds and what is the likelihood there will be a second referendum?

Theresa May plans to clinch Brexit deal just 72 hours before March 29 with a ‘tight landing zone’ for vote to avoid No Deal:

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kasegi Yabu
Treason May has left a legacy of chaos and uncertainty across the nation. She almost certainly was lying.
Stephen Biggins
Why do thay keep saying my right honourable friend there's not one of them thats Honourable its a f*****g joke thay are just a set of aresholes in Government wasting all the taxpayers money away for there own interests and not the interest of the British people will bring you all down at the next general elections
Jovandra Siregar
John Bercow always says "oodah!". What does it mean?
Black Tim Howard
"I'm perfectly capable of handling this matter with alacrity and I shall do so"

Man if I could tell people to stfu that elegantly...
one china only
Rory Lion
Right honourable ?......they don’t know the meaning of the word. They are all traitors.
Roy Nuno
paul castle
Not good enough !
Brendan Gavaghan
'oi! that's not true!' was said
Jorg Gurt
Odrrr, odrrr, - too late, my dear hypocrites, you drive towards revolution, because you are liars. Nothing except revolution saves Britain.
This stupid cow has a degree in geography!!!!!! That's as useless as she is.
Robert Hampton
A house of fools,
Groovy Kid
If this childish behaviour went on in the classroom, politicians would be calling for the teacher to be sacked. What a joke they are.
andrew hoggan
when is davy getting kicked out
Sarah Taggart
عمر عبد العزيز
She is liar
Anna Hunt
Sir Taylor
I came here from the "Alien 4 Trailer"
Fenian Bhoy
Every single mp in that room is a liar
Richard Severn
I thought he said "NOT TRUE" He didn't say LIAR.
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BREXIT - Ian Blackford ‘brutally’ takes "Liar!" Bercow loses it as May gets 1 day ago   10:06

Theresa May produced a staggeringly efficient put-down when the SNP leader in Westminster attempted to belittle her over Scotland’s role in the withdrawal agreement.

Ian Blackford was speaking in the House of Commons this morning when he said: “What is absolutely shocking is that Scotland is not once mentioned in the document. Not once have the unique characters of Scotland’s devolved settlement been worthy of mention. And yet, 100 mentions of Northern Ireland, mentions of Gibraltar, of Cyprus, of the Isle of Man - but no reference to Scotland.

Answer by Theresa May at 06:20

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