How humans disrupted a cycle essential Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate 1 day ago   04:38

How one animal dug up carbon and put it back into the atmosphere at an astounding pace.

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Carbon cycles through earth at a steady pace. Plants and microorganisms absorb carbon, which helps them grow. Animals and bacteria eat the plants, breathe out carbon into the atmosphere, and take some carbon underground when they die. And a similar process happens in the ocean. It's nearly a closed loop, although some plants and animals don't decay fast enough so they turn into fossil fuel, which traps the carbon underground. But one animal started to dig up that carbon — and burn it.

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Happy friday everyone!
Joseph Delahunty
I really like using “these animals” to refer to humans. It shows that we are a part of nature, so as we destroy it we destroy ourselves.
Malacki 655
This video was specially made for conservatives which explains why the narrator sounds like he’s talking to a 5 year old.
We need to build a wall around those animals! /s
>compared humans with animals
Aaron Vallejo
First let's get renewably powered with solar PV, wind and hydro along with grid batteries and electric transportation then secondly perhaps we could build Gigafarms in every city creating food, money, jobs along with high sequestering plants for creating biochar where we bury our industrial carbon emissions rebuilding our coal mines. 412 ppm presently back to 270 ppm by 2100.
Andrew Carpenter
I hate so much, about the way you choose to be...
I wonder who these animals that keep putting carbon into the atmosphere are?
Too much talk for how to do things for the better. And very little action I see from people to actually get there.
Stop and ban all driving vehicles... use bikes... it will be good on environment and your health.....
And so I stopped breathing... you’re welcome
aymen masmoudi
am i the only one bothered by the fact that he is calling us animals?
Michael Gogick
Or we could just plant more trees.
Am I on YouTube kid !?
so much death in this video
Person of Interest
*Global Warming and Climate change in a Nutshell*
Hana Syakira
20 years
Amai Puppy
Everyone talks about flat earthers here a lot but nothing worse than climate change deniers. They still believe in that
Oscar Sandström
50% of all life must end!
Andy Tutton
Who are these scary animals!😬
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Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate How humans disrupted a cycle essential 1 day ago   09:45

The biggest problem for the climate change fight isn’t technology – it’s human psychology.

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