🇺🇸 No pay for workers as Trump about Bernie Sanders' BRILLIANT Takedown 2 days ago   02:08

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Friday marks the 21st day of the partial US government shutdown, same as the previous longest consecutive shutdown in the country's history.
It is also the day federal workers are due for their payments. But with no resolution, about 800,000 of them won't be paid.

Al Jazeera's Andy Gallacher has more from Baltimore.

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John Billings
What's all this talk about him consolidating his position with hand picked men?
If these people can’t handle a shutdown wait until real end times. Sheeple.
Qasim Raja
America and isreal your game is going to be over soon
Paki Boy
Totally Israelian game Israel will destroy US one day
Sanjay Kumar
Wow. Salaried people have nothing to go on for few weeks?? And homeless people are surviving beautifully on streets and leftover food. Havent they saved anything in their life??

When their services will be resumed they will be PAYED full even for these non working days they are going through. It should be considered payed holydays. But tax payer wont get these govt services for these days.
They are clearly lying about their situation.
Even that minivan food stall, he has not anything in his saving to go through for few days?? Even dumb person wont believe this.
The Zionist Americunt Government always use people and than throw them to the dogs look at their Soldiers who committed every crime under the sun for their War Agenda and than end up rotting on the streets, the Zionist Leech is only there to suck all the Goyim Dry.
Icy Football
Thx Trump
Lukas Fraley
5 billion out of a 4 trillion budget.
The title is misleading. Actually both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for this shutdown... Democrats refused to arrange "5billion" for the wall and thus shutdown continues.
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Bernie Sanders' BRILLIANT Takedown 🇺🇸 No pay for workers as Trump about 2 days ago   09:19

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