RPG Story: Chadwick Strongpants My Hero Academia Quirks Explained 2 days ago   13:10

Puffin Forest
This story is from a game of Mutants and Masterminds, which is another tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, but it focuses on making superheroes instead of an adventurer. This story is about my brother and getting him into tabletop RPGs and that one time he couldn't make a superhero in time for the game, but I made one for him instead. Enjoy!

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Bean Master Galactic Glasses
I want- wait no, I NEED a body pillow of Chadeick Strongpants!
The evil Doctor Nothing has taken the UN hostage and in inflicting upon them his ultimate torture! Perfect Boredom! Being trapped with Doctor Nothing is said to be a purgatory unlike any other. But wait, who comes in this dark hour to rescue us from this mundanity? Why... its... ITS! CHADWICK STRONGPANTS!
Sechesín Surname
Oh yeah! That was the best possible resolution to that situation, totally! Throwing mediocre experience after mediocre experience at someone smothering their interest in the crib and salting the wound after you shoehorn them into another unwanted game. Yeah, that's... that's quality gm right there. Not contributing to the image most people have of tabletop players as vitriolic, no-lifing gremlins.
C.hadwick s.trong p.ants
Zeeka Hyena
Does anyone else have puffin forest videos constantly playing after every video? Youtubes algorithm is going crazy with this channel
Eddstale Edd
Who wouldn't want to play Chadwick Strongpants??
Coy Keaton
So, in a superheroes game, you got mad at your brother and made him play Mark "Hercule"Satan? That just seems mean.
I want a halfling slave how can i get one
J. M.
Huh, you brother didnt want to play after you left him behind and had fun without him, and you didn't even double back to save him? No wonder he didnt want to play with your candy ass. I wouldn't either.
Human man! With the powers of One Average Human Man!
It took me two separate viewings to digest this and the comment I wish to leave here.
If this is not as exaggerated as it seems, Puffin would be, my opinion, the Eric Cartman of GMs. It feels very bad to be in their table because it's all about the trolling it seems and not about the adventure or fun with the group. This may not reach their eyes and be read in their mind, but I hope I don't become similar in playstyle as this.
Draxis Blackwood
"An invisible frog and...D E X T E R the S E R I A L K I L L E R." XD
Weiner Breathe
I've personally had a lot of fun with DC Adventures, which was a Mutants & Masterminds ruleset rework but with DC superheroes & villains. Would love to see more superhero RPG stories if you got more. Keep it up!
Space Macaron
I don't have brothers but whether that's your brother or not what you did was just ... lame.
What did your brother do to you? Who hurt you?
brandominion 011
Am i the only one who heard about the nullify ability and imediatly thought about a charecter who just walks up to people nullifies thier powers and then punches them to death
So you made him play your Star Wars game probably of which were hours per session where he could do ABSOLUTELY nothing if he tried THREE times, then when he didn't want to play with you sat there and pestered him over it? Then years later when you got him agree to play and you were getting annoyed because he didn't know what he wanted to play? Jesus Christ new people by themselves don't know what to play let alone you let him out three times and gave him a horrible DnD experience not only you've already done stuff like buy stuff he didn't want or could use when he's taking you seriously. And when he is actually gonna take your game seriously AGAIN and say he needs to come early to make a character you're gonna give him a "No fuck you, your character is useless" and mock him over it and make it a joke and punishment to the group? This video and your treatment of your brother is damn near the whole embodiment of HORRIBLE DM'ing. You're kind of a dick.
Obake Senpai
you gave the pacifist a thermal nuclear device, well yeah who would start something when one of the main characters to blow-up the planet and kill everyone.
Nobody Knows
You see I always wanted to play d&d or another table top rpg they seem fun. But I'm a extremely shy person and suck at rp. Also my imagination isn't exactly active so.. I feel like I wouldn't be a good fit
So King, from One Punch Man
Taylor Faith
i need to fanart this shit.
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My Hero Academia Quirks Explained RPG Story: Chadwick Strongpants 2 days ago   11:10

My Hero Academia has a wide range of quirks in the anime, ranging from being able to make things float to throwing a bunch of sticky balls. But these quirks are all in different categories and it can be a bit confusing... Like, what is going on with Tokoyami? He's mutated but also has a quirk?! We're breaking down quirks for you, welcome to Quirks 101 with Curt

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