How Fake News Fanned The Flames Life With Brittle Bones 2 days ago   05:23

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“It’s a clear information war.” - Pavlo Klimkin, Foreign Minister of Ukraine

From President Donald Trump's victory in the US elections, to the Dutch elections to Brexit, Russia has been implicated by intelligence agencies for using fake news to manipulate votes. The warning bell was first rung in Ukraine, where a misinformation campaign of Russian propaganda led to the annexation of Crimea in 2014, and conflict in Donbass in Eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military and the StopFake community, including news host Marko Suprun and chief editor Yehven Fedchenko, continue to fight back against fake news today.

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More about the series:
It has been almost 2 years since Donald Trump was elected America’s 45th president. And with that, the term Fake News entered the public consciousness in a big way. Why are fake news stories so pervasive, popular and problematic? Is it because, as some experts suggest, fake news supports a strain of tribalism, an us vs them world view where consumers use fake news to reject views they do not agree with? From Europe to Southeast Asia, we look at how social fault lines (race, religion, social class, nationalism) can be further widened by disinformation and what we are doing about it.


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Richard Drozek
On March 2, 2014 Kyiv Mohyla Journalism School lecturers,
graduates and students along with the KMA Digital Future of Journalism project
launched the fact checking site. - the organization was funded by
the US State Department to show that Russian State Propaganda was behind the
Maidan revolution & Odessa killings? How true is this?
Peter Merry
I was there in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014 with my wife on a date.
We watched as a croud of people had boarded up "Ballot Counting Building" and then proceeded to burn it down the building WITH PEOPLE INSIDE of it.
I saw the people with hunting rifles shoot some of those who tried to jump from the 2nd floor to safety.
Some made it to the ground with damage, others were beaten, 1 was shot. (A police officer did take that guy's rifle)

I saw the dozen or so police stand by and watch it happen.
I saw the fire engines arrive 3 hours later, when they were 5 minutes away. (maybe bad traffic).
Those people were local Odessian's who's jobs were to count the referendum ballots to see if Odessa would have a vote to join recede from Ukraine.
Those people were considered to be "Russian Sympathizers", I just thought Odessa was making a peaceful vote. I dont think Odessa would have joined Russia though.

I dont know who was responsible for burning down the building on May 2nd, 2014, but I'm sure those people inside didn't deserve to die like that.
I expected the police to ignore the situation, they dont want trouble. At least none of the police shot the people in the building.

I remember the night before when the soccer game happened, and a bus of soccer enthusiast came to town, then they flipped over a bus...pretty tough dudes.
Fortunately, I was taking the 248, so I didnt get to see it first hand.

I had heard rumor that some of those same soccer dudes were at the "Building burning", but thats probably not true. No proof.

I have a friend Sergei who lives in Donetsk who had been called to inform him of the Russian tanks approaching his area.

He said that he was watching video of the Russian Tanks ouside his home (off in the distance),.... BUT he told us that NO TANKS were anywhere to be seen.
It was fake news.

I also Have a student in Crimea who was present for the Crimea Voting to join russia.
He said that they were having a peaceful vote.
They had shut down all trains coming in, and would only allow vehicles in of people that actually showed they lived in crimea.
2% of the people disagreed with the idea and wanted to stay with Ukraine, My student was one of them.
They agreed to take the vote, and see what happened.
after the vote anyone who disagreed was told they could leave if they wanted to stay with no mistreatment.
My student left with the older folks, too much family in Odessa

Not sure what news is fake, but when we were there, there was a lot of mis-information.
Bon Summers
I'm in favor of a 'western Europe' and a 'Slavic Europe',….. for the sake of diversity, and not integration, diversity through separation to appreciate regional differences of peoples.
Scott Robinson
So Russia taking issue with the EU AND NATO pushing into new territories ON THE RUSSIAN BORDER....and stating that they take issue with propaganda? Russia acted provocatively with the whole Ukraine/Crimea thing..... but thats their duty to do so, in that situation. Were they literally supposed to do and say nothing? Propaganda is a required feature in geo-politics, it's always been done. Everybody does it. It used to be an art form compared to how it's done now.... This "news" piece is so horrible. Using poorly imagined propaganda to try and shame Russian propaganda, well thats just childish! Come on now, we are well into Cold War II... we gotta get the spy and espionage game back up to par. Lets just agree that if this is the best you can do... just don't bother. Just stop it, until you can at least make it kinda believable. If we are going to get into this whole "wag the dog" sort of thing... make it good. Holy cow!!! The Russians at least get some hearts and minds fired up with theirs. This barely passes as preaching to the choir.
Calab Ong
Umm why is Ukraine using world war 2 weapons
The Swedish American
laughing fight lies with more lies.such a layered cake of EU horseshit.EU is the most fascist organization that has ever existed.
see:french yellow vests,brexit.
this is british/eu funded propaganda.
Mr Thiem
You Tube politics at its finest
Mr Thiem
This so-called "anti fake news" are indeed fake news
happyhun 83
Was it not because the president had different ideas from majority of ukrainian speaking population that led to uprising and 90 people shot by snipers then after that u kinda expect war, this video is fake news!!!
Timur Mirzadganov
Incredible idiocy..... How can you even talk about fake news using such material???
TrollFace Nationalist
Lol. WW1, WW2, Cold War, Holy War, and then the Internet War. Too bad there's no such crimes in the internet, otherwise i'd BE IN THE INTERNET JAIL!!! That reminds me of when I bombed myself virtually over the internet along with my Troll friends against the M******!!! XD
Janusz Łącki
Stalin eternally alive - only methods are more camouflaged today
Russia will never become a true super power like the U.S
They forgot to mention Russia invented propaganda trolls for internet comments. See the comments here from them.
Josef Barada
Fuck russia ,piss and shit
Vladislav Kochetkov
This is crap fake news. One sided propaganda paid by British or USA governments.
DeGroots TUM
100% why Russia invaded Ukraine. Totally not because Russia needed a show of power so that NATO wouldn't gain any territory. Totally not because they genuinely wanted/needed access to the Black Sea for trade to help their worsening economy. No they invaded Ukraine because of fake news that the Russians created. Russians created tension in anticipation of an invasion of the Ukrainian mainland so that the people there that spoke Russian, were ethnically Russian, and wanted to be part of Russia would fight against 'fascist' Ukraine. I personally do not believe that Ukraine is fascist, I want them to remain neutral, doing so could avoid more conflict. Russia is appearing greedy invading other countries, had they not done that I might have more support for them.
Big Sky Prepping
This video is fake news
Johnny Bump
I hope that they find a way to love one another.
AHenStew 90
OMG!!! this is the most real propaganda I've heard for a long time....
So their is no extreme nationalists (nazis) in Ukraine...?
So Ukrainians did not burn pro-russians in Odessa on 2nd May 2014?
Ryssians interfered in US elections... Even if they did so what...? Such hypocrisy... As if the US never interfered.... Time to realise nobody trust the Clinton's anymore and had to try something new (trump...)
Russia interfered in brexit... UK did not need Russia for that... Haha
US listened to Merkel conversation... Not a word about this.
Russia interfered in the Dutch election... Who gives a f**k in the largest tulip economy...
Last thing Russia needs is a war in Ukraine. It needs Ukraine to be its ally and its needs stability to grow economically....
OMG... This is such lies. I think even the USSR's press was maybe more objective... Hahaha
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Life With Brittle Bones How Fake News Fanned The Flames 2 days ago   07:14

Tamimi Pohan has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease, a genetic disorder that causes his bones to fracture. Since birth, the Gan Eng Seng Primary School student from Singapore has suffered more than 50 fractures in his arms, legs and spine.

The programme On The Red Dot celebrates inspirational families coping with childhood disability and illnesses. Watch the full episode:


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