15 Things You Didn't Know About Pioneering Underground Mining 1 day ago   15:29

15 Things You Didn't Know About The Mining Industry | Industry Wednesday
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In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
How big is the mining industry?
How to get started in the mining industry?
How long until we run out of resources?
Can the ocean floor be mined?
Which is the biggest mined?
Why do people mine asteroids?
How polluting is the mining industry?

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Hey Aluxers, how long do you think it will take before we run out of resources?
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Sam Hall
What is this Commie trash?
John Metzger
..unfortunately a lot of your 1-15 are just not true or realistic ....
Life note:
Keep my hands off of gold and diamonds.
shamal kadewatta
Hey aluxes you haven’t touched one another important industry the construction industry it is also growing in developing countries and billions of USD are involved hope u will look into that
i was curious but the "ALUX" theme put me off
whousay Iam
The Largest Mining is that of The sweat and blood of man..
Yuri ex-spetnaz
Who has mined from an asteroid?
Siddharth Kolhapure
Mining requires a lot of capital expenditure and it's high profit. So much so that governments are bribed and governments fall due to financial pressure.
OgoLord Group
Love this OgoLord is a player in this industry
Eklavya Singh
Hello Alux team, your content is as always top quality. why don't you start your own courses ? we all can gain many things from your expertise.
jazz lao Eder
Gun or weapon industries next. we would like to know why Americans is obsessed with guns
Ratan singh
Make a video on stock market
Johannes Herre
Dear creators of Alux.com,
You are such an Inspiration to me. I Love your videos and it would be great if you could do such a Video about the Construction Industry, because there is so much going in right now.
I am from Germany and there is a so called "Wohnungsnot" (extreme shortage of livingspace).
Thank you verry much.
Your fan Johannes
Cathy Mng
Very interesting. I would be interested in a clip for real estate industry and maybe a 15 tips you need when making a business plan.
Was nice finding out that the channel I'm obsessed with lately has a compatriot CEO👍👍Great channel!
Alux please make a video of mastering etiquette
Horse Powers
i haven't even seen a pure diamond before...
Well I work in a bauxite mines although it's not as tough as the coal mines...
Oscar Urrutia
Most expensive diamond i own is a RingPop. Sucker costed me $1.25 at Walmart.
Abhay Sharma
Fun Fact Indian woman have more gold the China.
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Pioneering Underground Mining 15 Things You Didn't Know About 1 day ago   08:48

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