Elon Musk's Ultimate Advice Elon Musk on Nikola Tesla 2 days ago   10:11

From 2 University Degrees to 20 Billion Dollars - This is Elon Musk's Ultimate Advice for high school students and college graduates. Can't find a job? Neither could billionaire Elon Musk.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from it's Wharton School of business, Elon Musk tried and failed to find a job at an internet company. He and his brother then decided to start a web software company called Zip2, and the rest is history!

Comment below if you are the next Elon Musk!

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Comments 1592 Comments

Patti Lacey
Elon knows numbers don't lie.
Motivation2study graphic design makes me hate your motivation2study logo. Why even the 2? Is it the second edition? You saved some space in not typing “to”?
Zaid Khan
Elon musk is real life iron man
haijze hardy
haijze hardy
He went to a Canadian uni firsy
craig me
Musk for president.
James Mcdonald
All that knowledge and going to hell ...he don't even believe in God or Jesus ...u can take a hike Elon....your knowledge ain't squat
if you are successful whatever you say is correct
Rizwan Ayub
Incredible 😍😊👉☺
Philo2020 Pommier
Only 1 forever
Mirza singgih
This man , the more i watch him the less i wanna go school
Stan Lee
Probably one of the most genuine people on earth he is doing this for our future generations not himself
Francesco Dalle Vedove
A god among us.
chills vyne
Watching video in 12midnight..

Wow im soo inspired to wake up early and started to get drunk again.
Why does elon musk look like he's trying to stop himself from saying something because it will be too for us to handle

He's the best tho💕
Sunbin Samin
Just Seeing him and listening to him increases my Iq.
Ansan kocharackal
Move on... and be motivated
saravana Kumar
Failure is key to success. One day I am becomes innovator. I understand from this video is "never give up".
Ne Ne Ne
Please remove the fucking Star Trek theme in the background, so cheesy
jagdeep bhagat
Doesn't get job at an internet company.
Opens a company
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Elon Musk on Nikola Tesla Elon Musk's Ultimate Advice 2 days ago   12:17

What Elon Musk said about Nikola Tesla in an interview, may shock you. Elon Musk is quickly becoming one of the most famous people on earth. Tesla the car company, SpaceX, SolarCity, The Boring Company are all companies of Elon Musk's, which are leading the way in technology and humanity's future. However, his thoughts on Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison took me back for a minute.

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