Komodo Dragons Freak Bill Joe Rogan | The Crystal Skulls and Alien 1 day ago   08:36

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Taken from JRE #1348 w/Bill Burr: https://ufl.ae/videow/--ISTq1piOY

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J Smith
In the thumbnail Bill looks like more of a Komodo dragon than the Komodo dragon.
Jon Dunmore
Anyone got any links of these animal stories that Joe and Bill are talking about?
4:09 - Harpy eagles killing sloths
7:00 - Komodo grabbing deer-lookin' thing, snapped its leg.
7:36 - Komodo eating a monkey
Sean Keating
i just wanted to say is the thumbnail for this video is fantastic
Familychallenge Oneders
Rename this Bill is amazed by sloths and bears are scary
Joe "largest eagles in south america" rogan
EL Plagua
Every time a sloth goes to take a shit, its life is in danger. (True story)
I’ve seen the monkey getting eaten. Very sobering.
dog in a kitchen lol
Flokko Jordan
I’d love to blast me a tiger 💥💥💥
umile profeta
fun fact: a deer being eaten alive sounds like joey diaz !
Lmao please somebody make joe Rogan doing a Komodo dragon noise into something
Joseph Martinez
Bears freak me the fuck out. That’s the one creature I’ve never even wanted to remotely be around
Ogyen Tsering
Bill Burr could easily fit into some character in the Star Wars with that antenna headphones
Gregory Campbell
Underrated clip. Deserves another million views.
Bill and Dave are the funniest men alive.
Alex Dalex
"if you are a moving they’ll eat you" ... yeah, I'm not too sure if lying down would be much of a help though :)))
Peter James
300,000 people? What are you smoking... Oh never mind
Redtan Sonyeondan
6:58 to skip to komodo
Sebastian H.
Joe "👀 😑👀" Rogan. 01:28
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Joe Rogan | The Crystal Skulls and Alien Komodo Dragons Freak Bill 1 day ago   21:42

Taken from JRE #1351 w/Dan Aykroyd:

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