Stray Cat Scratches Window During We found this stray cat... 2 days ago   02:19

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While Nathaniel Styer was working from home earlier, he noticed a stray cat started scratching on Nathaniel's apartment window.


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Dave Saenz
Thank you for saving his life. 😺
Natalia A
So glad we don’t have winter here in Bali!
A few years back, I saw a similar situation: I was staying in an upstairs room of a lodge in Queenstown, New Zealand, on a skiing holiday - my room looked down onto the back porch of a local's home where a shivering cat sat in the winter cold looking through the glass doors into the warm kitchen where the family were having breakfast. They saw the cat but they didn't let it in.
Mr Suzan
Aww my cat was put down yesterday. Kitkat made It to the ripe old age of 21. I had her since she was a kitten (I was 10 when I got her) and even kept all 3 kittens she gave birth to, 2 of which also passed over the last 2 years. The last one I have is her son but he has kitty dementia and walks around in circles.
Claudya R.
God Bless you! ^-^
Shani Heattiarachchi
You are the you
James Howlette
Awe he was freezing his lil toe beans off 😿
Kemal Ajax
Humanity restored.
james Pitt
"Working from home" is what I tell my girlfriend I do when I'm betting on sports and drinking on the weekends.
William Dukane
What a terrible name. Looks like a cool cat though!
ford explore
Ugh! The arrogance of that disgusting beast thinking it could be let indoors. Bugger off into the wilderness where you belong. Kidding😆
Muslim Poop of Whore Goddesses Ass Hole
I love Animals to death. Scumbags didn't like the video.
Michael Rittman
Dont let the little shit in . Taking the piss these cats do
He's so puffy!♥️
Polly Purree
The cat is obviously well fed. I had a black cat that played people like that. She would go from house to house in the neighborhood where the neighbors, who thought she was a stray, would give her treats. I caught on when I went over to a neighbor's house one day and saw my cat sitting on their kitchen table. I brought the cat home and kept her inside the house until she stopped playing that game.
Dante Black
hats off to u for doing this, much respect
mark richard otaku is heart
God bless
Karen Cafaro
She is a pretty cat.
Dr. M Hyde
Bro that Cat is fat, and has the like the biggest eyes, I love it!
Corinne Quinones
That is so wonderful. You are such a blessing. Thank you!😇👍💝💖
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We found this stray cat... Stray Cat Scratches Window During 2 days ago   03:37

UPDATE! Now named MAX, was adopted about a month after we found him. The couple sent us pictures of lots of love and cuddles and told us that Max waits by the door for them to come back from work. He is is great hands, and we're glad that we could provide him with a loving home!

This cat walked up to us out of the blue, we took it in to find its home. Unfortunately it wasn't chipped and the local lost/found pets turned up nothing, so we're trying to find its new forever home. But this cat has a crazy secret that you'd never guess that a cat would have!
If you are a loving cat person that would like to give this cat a wonderful home (no fees!) please contact me!

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