If Green Energy Is So Great, Why Aren't The Truth about Hydrogen 11 months ago   03:30

Green energy is getting better and cheaper, yet we still largely rely on fossil fuels. Why haven't we switched to solar and wind energy yet?

Which Countries Will Be Underwater Due To Climate Change? - https://ufl.ae/videow/1ybS2ETqMIO
Which Countries Run On 100% Renewable Energy? - https://ufl.ae/videow/IhciGpHGFFm
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What Would Happen If We Burned All The Fossil Fuels On Earth?
"A new study published today in Science Advances finds that if we burn all of the remaining fossil fuels on Earth, almost all of the ice in Antarctica will melt, potentially causing sea levels to rise by as much as 200 feet--enough to drown most major cities in the world."

Who's Winning The Battle To Replace Coal?
"Coal is losing the battle for the electricity future in the United States. Investment in new coal-fired generating capacity has dried up with its share of electricity generation dropping from 53% in 2000 to 34% in 2015."

Electricity in the United States
"In 2015, coal was used for about 33% of the 4 trillion kilowatthours of electricity generated in the United States. In addition to being burned to heat water for steam, natural gas can also be burned to produce hot combustion gases that pass directly through a natural gas turbine, spinning the turbine's blades to generate electricity."


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John Vogelien
Yea until they can make wind and solar at least 35 times better than it is today we can not rely on them. Also nuclear power has zero emissions. And the reason we don’t use that is because it’s cheap and the powers at be don’t want that.
Stephanie Heritage
What is the ideal global mean temperature and how did we get that number?
Freddie Finkelstein
Only one small issue with this video, solar and wind cannot come close to powering Society. In addition, they are far from a green, renewable technology.

The climate change denying conservatives are nuts but the environmentalists who believe solar and wind are more than a small percentage of our future energy needs are delusional.

IFR and LFTR. Meltdown proof technologies that utilize most of the energy in the fuel whilst producing 1/100 the amount of waste(not that there is much waste from the current technology.

As a final note, the fossil fuel industry loves solar and wind. Together they are changing the future(think Venus).
Tim Gard
Are you a renewable energy salesman who wants the chains cut from your
feet that keep you from going stellar with your sales? Its not you,
its the industry that holds you back! I am a scientist and an
electrician, and I can show you how to put your foot to the floor and
red line your sales tach! Come see what has been missed by the
renewable industry!

Randy Rogers
That guy doesn't work out at the gym much does he.
Angela Robinson
What a bunch of bull, with a B!
humanity is coming to an end: soil, water, transportation fuels,...it's all over. make your peace and stop the lies. go with some damned dignity.
0:20 That’s steam you fool
Darren McFeaters
We dont have a climate crisis to begin with yet. Grand solar minimum going on we could be heading to a colder climate.
Darren McFeaters
Renewables arent reliable or efficient.
Darren McFeaters
Wheres this data on climate change being unnatural?
Patrick Weaver
It's not complicated it's quite simple. The fossil fuel industry is a $700Trillion Industry. like you said in this society as a whole we are entrenched in it. That's because those cartels want to keep control over the infrastructure and us... checkout, RT The World According To Jessie Dr. Steven Greer interview
Mike Cerretta
Bulshit clean energy is always cheaper to build
mike peine
the energy charter treaty is a criminal scam . geothermal , wave and others aren't mentioned .
Debartello Escobar
You are not a home owner are you guy
"raising the average temperature of the globe" - the global temperature has actually dropped, polar ice caps have increased, ocean shorelines have been super stable and not rising.

So your entire argument that climate change is even A THING is a big fat lie. you're what's now called a climate hysteric. but, please, go on with your video. you're kinda cute #nohomo
matthew huckin
Nuclear is best.. all that's needed is better waste management
Tien Doan
The moment you said renewable energy cost zero dollar. You just lost me. Nothing is free in economic.
Chirag Mantri
We Would Be Better United
The countries that run on a lot of oil will not want to change this. Also just happens to be the powerful countries such as the the US, RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA, ETC.
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The Truth about Hydrogen If Green Energy Is So Great, Why Aren't 11 months ago   14:58

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Errors: I made an off hand comment about adding efficiencies in the video without thinking. This is obviously incorrect, but the final calculation does in fact multiply the efficiencies.


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