WHAT IS GROWING ON MY GIRLFRIEND'S BACK I didn't wanna tell the truth.. 1 day ago   13:33

Dobre Brothers
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Dobre Brothers
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Angel Frausto
Is Marcus really with ariana grande
Itz anna Playz
1 like one pray for the girl forgot her name the girl with the rose an she back .-.
try hard
8:21 when i saw that i know its gona be prank
AllAroundHaley xx
Omg I knew that this was a prank but it looks so real!😂❤️Good job Maddie.
Tishel Cyrus
My real the flower is real but it make-up
Tishel Cyrus
What is that on her back ##
Frederick Davies
Marcus top look to short and it looks like a girl top
Z Fisher
Fake my aunt knows how to do that
Ikran Jire
EGuys I want you to please I like your video and I tell everybody that I go and publications on a gambler and I tell everybody in this world so I was saying that many people was 1000 thousand likes and they were so many thousands of people so I can I tell them to thank you very much for giving that to the guys for me at anything for they need so that’s why I put it in so that’s why and I was saying thank you for giving us anything we were so thank you boys for helping me and I’m helping everybody in this world thank you
Araiya Watley
did anybody else see daris nails in the begin ing there white
Araiya Watley
the is how many pepole wants marcus to get a gf👇👇
Jessica Howton
Hazel Pintor
I know it is a prank
leli delgadillo
I said guys I love you guys because you guys got every prank web Cyrus or Christina orweb Dory or with everyone everyone get pranked so yeah I think and I don't know if like I'll be all guys keep pranking stuff so I love you guys and I'll keep you watching your eyes your video and you so what also you so funny in the video that's I get it lost like I almost lost it like I I don't know but I like the video but yeah so you said I like you guys I like your YouTube videos or like I don't know like yeah voice mail love you guys
Christian Lopez
This is a prank I know it
Who think Marcus should get a girlfriend in the past 10 days click this and make it blue

Isla Hector
thats weird
Jamal Fair
It’s probably I prank cause you guys do a lot of pranks and challenges but I’m your 1 fan
Santos Family
Did she eat a rose seed by accident
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I didn't wanna tell the truth.. WHAT IS GROWING ON MY GIRLFRIEND'S BACK 1 day ago   15:34

This game got real 😱

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I didn't wanna tell the truth..

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