Galaxy Fold unboxing: Samsung Samsung Galaxy Fold - Everything 1 day ago   06:27

How do you show off a $2,000 foldable phone? Dress it up in layers of impressive packaging and throw some extra goodies into the box -- like a pair of wireless earbuds and an unusual case.

Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on:

Galaxy Fold hands-on: I just tried Samsung's foldable phone IRL and it was amazing:

Galaxy Fold: The Announcement:
Notebook Odyssey: Full Feature Tour:

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Anybody getting the Fold?

Watch our hands-on video with it:
Too bad the phone itself SUCKS.
The packaging engineers should have designed the actual screen! They seem to have devoted more resources to the box than the phone itself!
Ave Alwi
For 2000 bucks, they should/ better make the box looks nice 😜
Janelee Keller
Thanks Jessica 😊,

I can see that the unboxing is an exciting Experience.
However, to cut to the chase,
personally I am unable to see the point of a "Foldable" Phone ?

There now, already exist, just about Any size phone one could possibly wish for, (the one on this "G Fold" seems rather small" ).
And then there are a wide array of Tablets to chose from as well.
(the one on the "G Fold" also seems small).

I would much rather have two separate devices, a large Phone, and a medium to reasonably large Tablet. ( or, put another way, separate Phone of choice, and an equally, separate Tablet of choice).

I think this may appeal to somewhat of a "Niche" group of people who would seem to have
"Money to Burn", and to "Them, it might be useful !

Not sure "why" but I guess you can always find Someone who just wants something "Different" !
Which "This" Device" would certainly fill that "Need" ! 😏

The Best of Luck to those who are bent on, "Dipping Their Toes" into "Unchartered" Water ! 🤞 👍

Thank You again Jessica 🙂.
Always enjoy Your Posts, and will indeed be looking forward to seeing more about "The Galaxy Fold" !

Have a Nice Day, and Hope You Experienced a Lovely Easter 🤗.
JaneLee 🕊️
4:26 AM - in Pennsylvania USA
Good Job Being a YouTuber
The Hulk
Noob in unboxing
Eric Valentino
i thought i was watching a softcore pornflick from the 1990s.
1000 subscribers without any videos
First foldable phone : That's Cool
Most breakable : That is not Cool
Kirk Sander Niere
Why didn't the device came with the flat, small booklike case it's supposed to have like the ones MKHD and Unbox therapy had saw from their unboxing?
نواف العنزي
Woos Ju
Color is ssoooo beautiful lol🙃🙃🙃
Lakshman Karunaakar
I bought a iPhone XS for the same price lol
Phillip Strong
Might as well just buy an Ipad mini or a Samsung tablet..
Real Cast
Samsung is always best!!!
LS 50
joshuagood hill
Less than a month later you will be doing a video of how it has got a broken screen
True Seeker
i got highly disgusted with samsung when they removed video pro mode
from s9 and s9+ with update from oreo to pi. And i said will never go to
samsung again. Maybe you should cover that subject in some of yours
videos... since they sending you to review their smartphones (not sure
in that but I suppose). Maybe they will hear you, listen to you since
they don't listen us.... "mortals", "little ones humans".... I bought
s9+ because of that feature and they remove it without warning or
explanation. Yea, disgusted.... You have no right to do that to
Revathi E
Price of galaxy fold
Mohyi M
Why is it so boring
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Samsung Galaxy Fold - Everything Galaxy Fold unboxing: Samsung 1 day ago   03:33

Different vibe of a vid :) Samsung Galaxy watch unboxing and first impressions!
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