The New iPhone Part 2: iPhone 11 Let's Talk About That 1 day ago   02:00

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chocolate girl
I've never been interested in having an iPhone or whatever. Forever Android 🖤🖤
Cm Punk
iPhone canon 1000d
Who would've thought "it's an iPhone, with a camera" would evolve so perfectly lmao
Mason Freeman
Griffy has anyone ever told you that you look like Azerrz or vice versa?
utkarsh choudhary
Its an I phone with a camera
Who the fuck likes wireless charging????? Also no fast charging in a 2019 phone why???
Did he just reupload the same vid with a different title? Apple should hire this guy
Planet Soul
Glad i got an Android 😂😂😂
Hilmi Firdaus
Why i-Qtip is more expensive than i-Tshirt?
J Vink
Just buy weird named Asian brands like OPPO or Xiaomi, even weirder than that. Trust me they are of greater quality, but hundreds cheaper....
Kidd Hex
1:38"Take my money"😭😂🤣
John Nowak Kind Sir
And people are still buying that chinese crap
Brianna Banks
Take my money! TAKE MY MONEY!! 😂😂😂
carl young
do blonds have more fun?
Georges Fontaine
Lmao 🤣
Locked Quincy
Gaurav Sharma
The last video was damn good.. but this video sucks.. didn't find funny.. highly disappointed with video just like new iphone 11 😂
Iphone 12 in two weeks
Guy in background: “two weeks? Thats a late release!!!” 😂
iPhone just like 2k buying the same shit wit a couple new perks
If apple actually advertised like this they’d even improve their sales because people would go on about how genuine they’re being
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Let's Talk About That The New iPhone Part 2: iPhone 11 1 day ago   04:21

Before the iPhone 11 review, let's talk about that cheaper $699 price tag.

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