Ukraine War - Heavy Fighting And Firefights On the Frontlines of Ukraine's Proxy War Between 2 days ago   06:32

Heavy Fighting Clashes And Firefights Where Reported To Take Place In Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian Military Forces Have Conducted Major Anti Terror Operations In Eastern Ukraine To Clear The Region From Armed Pro Russian Militias. In Many Towns Heavy Gunfire Was Heard. The Pro Russian Mlitias On Their Side Trying To Hold The Area. The Arment Of The Pro Russian Forces With Full Combat Gear, Rocket Launchers And Anti Air Missles Gives The Impression The Seperatists Are Heavily Funded By Russia. One Of The Main Battlefields In The Ukrainian Conflict Is The Town Slavyansk Wich Was Under Full Control Of Pro Russian Militias And Militia Forces Where Able To Shoot Down Three Ukrainian Mi-24 hHlicopters In Eastern Ukraine's Slavyansk. The Ukrainian Army Also Held Out Airstrikes With Fighter Jets And Combat Helicopters. This Scenes Clearly Show The Country Is At The Brink Of A Civil War.

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*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Ukraine and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. This is a war documentary.

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So sad... Slavian Brothers fighting against each other... unite and fight the big jewish bosses who send u out there, Europe, germans and slavians Must unite to kick the global zionism elite back to hell!!!
Matt Pahl
Who’s using the helicopters the novorussians or the Ukrainians
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On the Frontlines of Ukraine's Proxy War Between Ukraine War - Heavy Fighting And Firefights 2 days ago   23:58

The West has used everything from signals intelligence operations, espionage, fighter jet saber-rattling, and diplomatic standoffs to stem the rise of Russian influence around the world. These efforts are coming to a dangerous head in Ukraine — a classic Eastern Bloc proxy state — where the presence of NATO troops is driving tensions to Cold War-era levels.

As the armed conflict between the Ukrainian army and Russian-backed separatists enters its third year, VICE travels to the frontline to take a closer look at what international assistance really looks like for those caught in the line of fire.

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