AD should reconsider leaving Pelicans Zion Williams' Stepfather Confirms 1 day ago   08:13

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Chris Broussard joins today's show to react to the New Orleans Pelicans winning the No. 1 draft pick. Broussard thinks Anthony Davis should reconsider forcing a trade if he can team up with projected No. 1 pick Zion Williamson.

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AD should reconsider leaving Pelicans if they draft Zion - Broussard | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Should Anthony Davis leave the Pelicans?
Salma Salma
Zion is wasting his time if the's gonna move to the lakers cause the whole idea is for him to gain experience and he won't get taht if he's goin go where Lebron is cause Lebron is always swallowing people up and everyone has to play around him rather than their full potential.
Charles Chambers
Pelicans should trade AD to Boston for Rozier, Tatum and Brown. Make Zion with those three guys your core
AD should man up like Greek Freak. They could put something together in two or three years.

But he already put himself out there, so the Pelicans should dupe NY, trade AD, get RJ Barret and steal the big man Mitchell from NY
In 1998 a 32 year old got a rookie in Tim Duncan. AD at 26-27 would have still be in his prime when Zion is. Plus Zion on his rookie contract could get another star too. LeBron made plenty of revenue off the court in Cleveland. Big markets aren’t going to help someone who’s not very marketable. NO can be a dominant contender for 5 plus years. AD should stay
lucky C bro
RJ Barrett will be bust. I seen him get his shot block all kinds of times NIV college players are blocking his shots NBA players going to be able to do it easy
lucky C bro
Man Chris Carter's hating on Zion
lucky C bro
Zion shoots better then Ben Simmons.
lucky C bro
These guys gave Lonzo ball more credit than they give Zion. Only nobody's put up numbers like Zion since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
lucky C bro
A player's prime is between 28 and 32 not 26. Jordan didn't win his championship until he was 28 his prime was between 28 and 32 Larry Bird magic Johnson his prime Kobe Bryant LeBron James it's 28 to 32
lucky C bro
These are the same guy that said Grant Hill was the second coming and Harold Miner was baby Jordan
lucky C bro
You didn't know where LeBron was going to be either you didn't know what Michael Jordan was going to be. Come on man
champ visions
i could be wrong but did this dude just say that the lakers young players are better than the celtics young players?
if AD wants to compete for a ring RIGHT NOW , he would go to Philly or Boston NOT THE LAKERS
Anthony Davis to Golden State, once Kd leaves
The Truth
Send him to Boston for Tatum, Damarts and their 1st round pick. Recruit a free agent not named Kyrie but like Butler or Danny Green.
The Truth
Get rid of him. When was the last time AD didn't get injured at least twice in a season? The guy is fragile...
Jonh Lopez
worried about a jumper? lol LBJ didn't have a consistent jumper till a few years ago. took him a long time
sometimes it seems like there's only 4 teams in the NBA...and all the small markets teams are in the ABA.
Ibraheem Rao
If Kevin Durant leaves the warriors he's not going to New York, it's gonna be the Clippers
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Zion Williams' Stepfather Confirms AD should reconsider leaving Pelicans 1 day ago   11:42

Lee Anderson, Zion William’s Stepfather, confirms that the family has not even questioned their move to the Crescent City. He also takes you behind the scenes of what it was like to see Zion fall in love with the game from a young age and what it was like meeting with The Pelicans for the first time.

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