9 Interesting Facts About Israel ANZ Sports Scene: Israel Adesanya 2 days ago   13:57

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Comments 1423 Comments

How come He has an American accent if he grew up in newzeeland ... …?
Hurdygurdy man
Everyone has to be player 1 in their own game, of course but stay humble
Some Random Weeb
Isra best Facts
He's a fucking Weeb!?
J H. Booth
He is such a Millennial. 👍
hugh officer
Man he butchered saying Rotorua that one hurt my soul a bit.
Daniel Castro
anyone else think the narrator was joe rogan? lmaoo
Zack Ryder
hes a likable guy
Okay, but comparing him to Jones The King Bones, is plain b.s, he is in abnormal weight class we can't ask him to directly fight best of light weight division Khabib, Porier, Tony or light heavyweight class.
I supported him last year
theyd rather be niggas in white land instead of a king in a black land, speaks volumes
This man vs Khabib? Possible?
Sumi Masen
Weird?? Really? Stop being a condescending fuck, this is about the fighter not about your opinions you overcompensating fuck.
Eseta Mamea
I like him but jones would school him because of his assasin mindset it the octogon
celow banks
I think u taking the style blender a little to seriously
erion xhorxha
Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya 💥💥💣💣
Ian Dog
Cant wait to see this guy get his face smashed
Calaga Brown
The future
Aaron Oliver
10. He's a Champ
Zac S.
Awesome Israel! Great work!
seri albert
He needs to improve in jiu jitsu otherwise he is gonna it's gonna be a loss against Jon john
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ANZ Sports Scene: Israel Adesanya 9 Interesting Facts About Israel 2 days ago   25:55

He's quickly established himself as a cross-cultural star of the UFC, but who is Israel Adesanya and what makes him tick? Full story: https://goo.gl/j64hVk

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