9 Interesting Facts About Israel King in the Ring 86II Semi 2 days ago   13:57

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Jeez NZ is a downgrade on Nigeria now?
Who else is an og fan of Israel Adesanya
He was bullied?
I never knew him well but what I remember of him at high school he was always out going. Got along with everyone
Sakaki Carleon
"I dont hold it against them, kids are dumb" What a guy
Elijah cesspoole
White people are not allowed to migrate to New Zealand. Talk about fucked up.
Te Rohi Pehe O'Donnell
A dose of bullying is pretty normal in school. I like how he dealt with it, used it to lift himself up. If I was one of his bullies I think I would be apologising as well.
They'll be like "Im really, really, reeeally sorry bro.... Please dont kick my ass..."😬
Dylan D
Just picture block beside block Mike one Joe other... I unno that white fool hear him crying I'm fit I live in now I know no plans I have tags they like Mike man he's your bro nah man this deep he's a pussy why he screaming my name ....... But heart of gold bet you hed keep u alive
Dylan D
Well I say no but not good advice for rest u
Dylan D
Then you got white and candles you don't say no to Tyson
Dylan D
Hey man u gonna eat your peanut butter. Fuck Mike told u I don't eat that shit
Just making sure.... Kokomo baby the way it makes me feel
Dylan D
Mike Tyson only man alive who can sing me to sleep don't get me wrong but he owns it
Dylan D
Get to the chopper! You hear army now picture that movie with Miley Cyrus? Not a joke?
Dylan D
Best video ever Joe drops the mic this game is tired and picks a fight gets um in circle and roundhouse boom don't forget your mic
Dylan D
He's like the next Silva I only one saw him as a joke you hear his voice? Like superman saves the world and myou hear marry Poppins say let's gets some tea chaps
Dylan D
Yep gotta make sure knees are strong Tyson protect my chin this rich boy new age wanna be maybe just.go fuck his mom she tells him not to fight ez win
Dylan D
Fuck I'll fight him.... Don't talk top class with this scrub.... Promotion all I see
Dylan D
I hear bs bs bs you missed everything......
Bass Fishing with the Antichrist
His father was right about America. The system is set up against minority's here. Our government was bought around 2000 and now they work for "The Man" (Rothchilds) And every one of them deserves to be hung for treason and the list just keeps getting bigger.
Ginn N. Juice
Yep, my cousin neroni beat him in the amateurs 😂
Lee Song
2:20 that's not dancing, he was doing a Chidori.
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King in the Ring 86II Semi 9 Interesting Facts About Israel 2 days ago   10:10

30 August 2014 at the ASB Stadium

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