A lack of migrant labor is forcing Magnet Fishing GONE CRAZY 2 days ago   09:18

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The immigration policies of the U.S. government are once again igniting opposition. This time from members of the agriculture industry who say that blocking immigrants from entering the country is doing more harm than good.

U.S. farmers who depend on migrants as “guest workers” for their harvest are facing considerable financial losses. It’s the result of migrants being detained and deported at the U.S. - Mexican border.

One of the nation’s largest sources of agriculture is Southern California.

And as Correspondent Mike Kirsch reports, farmers in that region have been particularly hard-hit.

The worker shortage has caused many farmers to raise the pay for workers - often more than doubling their salaries. And some U.S. farmers have even relocated their production down to Latin America.

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Magnet Fishing GONE CRAZY A lack of migrant labor is forcing 2 days ago   10:10

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