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Do you realize that over 76% of the population in the US owns a computer? That's over 238 million people in the US alone.

And according to CNN only 25% of those 238 million computer owners backup the priceless files, photos, videos, documents, and everything else they keep on their computers.

Millions and millions of people are only a virus or hard drive crash away from losing everything...

How many of your photos, memories, music, and irreplaceable documents are stored on your computer?

My guess is you probably have a lot.

If you don't regularly backup your computer files, you're only one hard drive crash, one forgetful moment, or one accident away from losing your computer files forever.

Backing up your files on CD's or flash drives is a good idea, but who has the time to do it on a regular basis? Plus what would happen if your computer and your backups are in the same place at the wrong time?

Want to know what the best way to back up your computer files is?

The answer is easy!

Let MyPCBackup do it for you!

I have personal experience with MyPCBackup.

It is the first and only backup software I had to buy to backup my files, and I have been very happy, with no need to look elsewhere.

MyPCBackup is a small desktop application that automatically backs up all of your files to a schedule chosen by you.

It runs on:

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP

Mac OS X 10.5+
(At the time of writing this review they were working on a Mac OS X 10.4, a Linux application is in the pipeline and they are also developing an iOS and Android Application.)

It takes a copy of your files, encrypts them, and sends them to high tech data centers via secure 256 bit SSL connection.

MyPCBackup gives you the option to sync files between multiple computers.

You can view your synced or backed up files at anytime and from any location by logging into the web based control panel.

If disaster does strike there is no need to panic.

You can easily retrieve all of your files in just a few clicks by using the restore feature on your desktop application.

So signup to MyPCBackup today and see how reassuring it is to have all of your files automatically backed up simply, safely and securely!

Their backup service is 100% secure, and completely automated.

Their military-grade security keeps all your files secure on their advanced cloud servers.

Top Reasons To Use MyPCBackup!

100% Automated Backups

MyPCBackup is fully automated and makes backing up your files a breeze. After you have chosen the schedule on your desktop application or Control Panel, you can relax and let MyPCBackup automatically take care of your backups for you.

Encrypted & Secure

MyPCBackup takes data security and privacy very seriously. They encrypt your files using the same technology that banks use to ensure that they remain safe. All of your files are transmitted over a secure SSL encryption. No one can view your files or personal information but you.

Affordable Service Plans

MyPCBackup believes that everyone should have access to safe, secure and affordable computer backup. They offer a variety of service and payment options to accommodate any budget. They just think it's fairer that way.

Easy to Use

MyPCBackup is designed to be super easy to use, regardless of how basic or advanced your computer skills are. After you have completed the download wizard and chosen what to back up, MyPCBackup does everything else automatically.

Access Files from Anywhere

One of the most convenient features of MyPCBackup is the fact that you can access your backed up files from any computer with an Internet connection, at any time, from any location in the world.

Easy File Restoration

Restoring your files needs to be simple, as without it there would be no point in backing them up in the first place. MyPCBackup makes the process easy and enables you to restore any files from both the Control Panel and desktop application in just a few clicks.

*Why is my Backup Slow?

We use the highest level technology in the server storage world today; Amazon s3 servers. These offer the fastest backup service possible.

Any speed problems are likely to be due to your Internet connection. (Remember you are uploading not downloading)

A lifetime of photos, files, and music does take some time to be securely stored remotely.

Once the initial backup has completed future backups will take minutes if not seconds.

If you are looking to backup several GB of music and photos then please allow a few days to a week for your first backup to complete.

We have been voted as the fastest backup provider by many industry directories.

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that vid was amazing I have subbed im gonna check your othervidz 2!!
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Like my pc backup.
Warning Virus!
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you have a good review. it really is important to back up file in case of uncertain events
Hehehe... Its not free dear!
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MyPcBackUP - real review!
Onlines Backups
Very practical tool!
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So pleased to see somebody else extolling the virtues of effortless secure backup - MyPCBackup way to go!
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Post more videos!!! Please!
how do you record your games? i use bungie pro to download it but i only get 5 minutes a month soo lol
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Amazing! I think Ill subscribe now :D
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1 You are my favorite youtuber.
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My mind just got blown by the awesomeness of that video.
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