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Spiderman Lunch Box Surprises with Shopkins, Minecraft, and Baymax by Toy Genie Surprises.

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YAY for Lunch Box Surprises. In this video we open up a bunch of surprises including Shopkins, Minecraft, Skylander, Baymax and more. All of these surprises were stuffed in to a Spider Man Lunchbag.

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Toy Genie Surprises

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Jadie Hamilton
Juwita Tobing
Spider man awesome
Екатерина Чулкова
fernanda assis apolinario
Cuddyle TWq
wens boc lafst enf of laocrt
I like your videos on YouTube
kay and jo Smith-goslin
I would like to have spongbob toys
glaucia neves
Breanna Gordon
I love the bubble gum and fruit snacks
Kimseth Song
can you please do another lunch box surprise please
Rajendra Kumar
toy genie could u plz open some more big hero 6surprises
Blessed Momma
my 3 year old son loved this video he watched it 4 times in a roll. spiderman is his favorite superhero. when you asked is this cool when the straw came out the top he said yes it is
Adriana Delgado
O. M. G.! My little brother had his birthday party a couple days ago! Guess what the theme was... Skylanders! He also has some cards you just got!
Aneeza Capili
The nutella and shoppkins, I love your vids so much!!!!!
Shanda Remines
Toy genie i really like all your videos there really fun and cool and I hope you make more and if you have extra ninja turtle marshes cause I am looking for a foot ninja
maia c
My favorite was the skylander dog tag and the shopkins
Hi toy genie my neses love your spider man and paw putrol it would be asowme if they got one
Roxie Cruse
my boys loved this and want it all and said they would like you to do more minecraft they love them thank you for the smiles
Jamie Caballero
Hi youre so lucky. And i think that all over the toys channels that ive visited, youres was my favorite
kitty Barajas
I meant the lunch box.
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