Free Energy , Free Energy Free energy technology magnet 8 months ago   04:05

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Free Energy , Free Energy from magnetic, magnet motor 2017

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Sci-Fi Warrior
I like how extremely descriptive this is if you'd want to make it, but I guess he is doing us a favor since it most likely won't work
What nonsense! There is nothing called as free energy
ละคร สมคะเณ
👌 OK vedeeo lakohrn inthai land...
Abhinay Soni Soni
thank you sir i want to do this that is nice video
SVMS RemembeR
Jame notorio
Michael Whitcher
Remember snowflake live in their parents house and only play video games. They never played with a magnet. If the had they would know this is easy to make work! Great job.
James Roney Stators
100% Fake. Various edit points, and footage is also sped up. Rarely does anyone ever speak in fake videos.
Super Star
कुतरा शाला
Balaji Techno 003
Nice video
This is fake, I tried to do, can not work!
cosmin laurentiu
Fuck your family... fake.. you are fake..
Paulolopes Roerto
Muito bom ! E se colocar + 2 na parte de cima ?
Claudio Fonta channel
at min 2:20 he lift up the device and as You can see, there is some resistance to getting up. This indicates that beneath the wooden table there are electromagnets connected to a circuit (and a battery) that give movement to the disk. I wanna see the same using a glass table
Csaba Nagy
Make a video without cuts, and then we believe it's real and it works!
Schöner Fake, aber man siehts an dem Zusammenschnitt der Videoschnipsel....
max print
Hhhhh facke
πώς μπορούμε να έχουμε σταθερή τάση?
Mais arrête tes conneries mec t'as vidéo is FAKE HI
wouahhhhhhh quel super music hi yessssssss mais vraiment tu nous prend pour qui ??? hein
where's superman? kabir
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Free energy technology magnet Free Energy , Free Energy 8 months ago   10:49

Free energy technology magnet motor with light bulbs - Science school projects at home

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