Iran 40 Years On: Sanctions prevent Iran marks 40th anniversary 2 days ago   02:40

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Staying with Iran and years of international sanctions on the country have have smothered its economy, and prevented it from cashing-in on one of the world's largest oil reserves. And as Paolo Montecillo reports, things are only getting worse.

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David Miles
you did it to yourself rhodesia thrived on sanctions
Shagul Hameed Hameed
Iran Muslim history world
shoaib ahamadmir
Only solution for Usa is Nuke usa with 5000 satan 2 avangrad icbms
Uvesh Pathan
Long live Islamic republic of Iran...freedom is everything
Yusuf patel
U.S. intransigence keeps th country united & th regime in place.
The very thing th yanks r trying to change.They r going to bypass these insane sanctions very soon.
Handoko Davidson
Did Iran get sanction for 40 years ? 🙄
God bless Iran 🇮🇷 ❤️🇸🇴 comes from your brothers Somalia
cia backed iran in 79 to be israelis ally after they lost sinai against iraq. see iran contra. Iran the original jet bombers harbored exiled al queda led by mossad on 9-11 & had shia agents like chalabi lie on iraq wmds & left arms for isis to make Assad a tyrant to have usa break iraq & russia break syria. usa should of broken israelis & iran for 9-11.
Ainul Hoque
lran long live
Rodell E-run
Iran declared its independence and a day later burned the American flag saying that it is over.
Independence doesn’t come cheap but no nation can achieve anything without independence.
It is worth every gram of pain.
Turkey should do the same thing because you can’t be in a political bed with a nation who wants to make sure that you will always stay where you are.
2019 is the year of wars, get ready.
Tony Dias
Corrupt Criminals CIA Is ISIS Run By The Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 ISRAEL 🇮🇱 TERRORISTS TERRORISTS
ATH Breas
Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog, mohamMAD was a liar and pure evil. Jesus is Lord.
Anonymous Believer Centre Displays Education ABCDE
Why does Turkey loves Israhell??
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Iran marks 40th anniversary Iran 40 Years On: Sanctions prevent 2 days ago   02:30

The 40th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution has been marked in the Russian capital. The event was held in the Iranian ambassador’s residence in Moscow. This year’s gathering, which was larger compared to previous years, carried special significance. Press TV correspondent Marina Kortunova has more.

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