UK economy slowest since 2012 Istanbul’s new airport says it will 1 day ago   07:29

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The UK economy has had its worst year since the global financial crisis. The slowdown is partially linked to the uncertainty over Brexit - and has forced the government to ink new trade deals in an effort to keep businesses on track. Also in the show - the US and China kick off their latest round of trade talks, and Parisian train stations are on track for a much-needed facelift.

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Blame Brussels I guess lol
Well that's the reason France is one the countries pushing war on Venezuela. Last time France's economy was doing bad they invaded Libya and took control of their oil. It all makes sense.
Michael Nolte
Lets see how France is doing:
The French economy advanced 0.9 percent year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2018, easing from 1.3 percent growth in the previous three-month period, a preliminary estimate showed. It was the weakest pace of expansion since the third quarter of 2016.
SHEEPY 14842
useless England no investment from me stupid cunts
Paris is still a ghetto - no matter how much money they spend in Paris - the jihadist and African thugs are so abundant and unrestrained @ Gare du Nord. They would need to build a lot of prisons and execution chambers to resolve the problem.
dboy dboy
Did Mohammed married 8 years old Aisha? Yes or No.
Is marrying a 8 years old pedophilia? Yes or No.
If yes are you proud of a pedophilia.
But it is still higher growth than Germany France Italy funny how they fail to mention that
Masha Mitchell
Gee...I wonder what could have caused that.
Akbar, Allard Freichmann
Wow a 16 billon bill. GB must be rich.
Graham Ellis
And Germany is in rescission France is in politcal termoil the italians are broke. Great to be on the continent lol
not notness
Well this kind of goes without saying.
let the brexiteers comment on how bad and devilish the EU is! :)
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Istanbul’s new airport says it will UK economy slowest since 2012 1 day ago   04:50

The Chief Executive of IGA Airport Operations, the company behind a new 11 billion dollar airport in Istanbul tells Sky's Ian King the airport will make an immense contribution to the Turkish economy and is projected to contribute around 5% to the country’s GDP.

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