The War in Ukraine The Battle Ukraine's is Just Beginning 1 day ago   25:14

Watchdog Media
A fast-paced 25-minute summary of the war in Ukraine. The protests in the west, the protests in the east and the outbreak of war are chronologically presented in this informative, captivating and tragic short film.

00:46 DEC1, 2013 - Euromaidan
02:46 FEB20, 2014 - Hotel Snipers
03:44 FEB22 - Yanukovych Removed
04:03 FEB23 - Sevastopol
04:41 MAR7 - Donetsk
05:00 MAR16 - The Crimean Referendum
05:07 APR7 - The Donetsk People’s Republic
05:14 APR12 - Slavyansk
06:06 APR12/13 - A Visit from the CIA Director
06:32 APR15 - Acting President Launches “Anti-Terrorist Operation”
08:02 APR20 - Right Sector Attacks Slavyansk
08:25 APR21 - A Visit from Joe Biden
09:22 APR29 - Lugansk
09:39 MAY2 - The Odessa Massacre
12:18 MAY9 - Assault on Mariupol Police Station
13:16 MAY11 - The Donetsk & Lugansk Referendums
14:04 MAY25 - President Poroshenko Elected
14:36 MAY26 - Assault on Donetsk Airport
15:17 JUN2 - Airstrike in Lugansk
16:05 JUN3 - Hospital Shelled in Krasny Liman
16:47 JUN4 - Obama Meets Poroshenko
16:56 JUN8 - The Shelling of Slavyansk
18:03 JUN13 - Azov Battalion Takes Mariupol
18:31 JUN18 - Fighting Near Lugansk
18:46 JUN20 - Poroshenko’s Ceasefire Begins
19:12 JUN30 - End of Ceasefire in Kramatorsk
19:49 JUL2 - Airstrike in Stanitsa Luganska
20:19 JUL5 - Ukraine Takes Slavyansk
20:30 JUL10 - Fighting in Karlovka
20:55 JUL12 - Shelling in Lugansk, Malinka & Donetsk
22:11 JUL14 - More Shelling in Lugansk
22:48 JUL15 - Airstrike in Snezhnoye/OSCE Visits Lugansk

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Vladimir Putin
Slava Ukraine.
angrytwin now
there's no narrative it goes from one event to the next
tezzer mctez
The American systematic rAPe, subjugation and destruction of a people they have no interest in or sympathy for. They've used the same old subversive tactics, twisted narrative and corrupt mouthpieces yet again, the only difference this time being the lack of effort to truly disguise their modus operandi.
Disgusting. Sinful. Evil. Greed.
All those who took part, perpetuated or simply swallowed this lie, should carry a massive burden of guilt every day... and hang their empty heads in shame for the rest of their lives.

Aside - Congratulations and well done once again Watchdog Media .
Premiere World Class journalism, editing and production.
Thank you.
kurd assassin
Fuck the CIA all the wars in the world is becouse of the CIA doing stuff secretly
D Nickaroo
The US wanted Ukraine and Crimea -- they wanted to turn Sevastopol into a NATO Port. Banderist Nazis from Galicia were used by Victoria Nuland to overthrow the elected Govt of Ukraine -- the US installed Yatsenuk, a Leader of the Banderist Nazis, as 'Prime Minister' of Ukraine. These Nazis proceeded to kill Russian-speaking Ukrainians.
Nice piece of propaganda and manipulation. Somewhat more refined then earlier works of Kremlin media.
go west
Its vitally important that the world wakes up to what has really been going on in Ukraine. The victims of the post coup Ukrainian armies incessant bombing deserve justice and to live in peace. The video clearly shows who the real aggressor against innocent people are, and it isn't Russia. Hence the reason over 1.5 million refugees fled to Russia for safety.
Susan Shpak
Thanks! Fuck Euromaidan, fuck Imperialism, fuck Capitalism. Long Live Donbass & the Communist Revolution! Long live the Donetsk & Luhansk People's Republics
Ernest Sylobryt
Wasnt much easier and with no deaths just to buy all Ukraine RADA for USA and thats it?
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The Battle Ukraine's is Just Beginning The War in Ukraine 1 day ago   10:54

The Battle Ukraine's is Just Beginning

Elections are looming in the Ukraine, a telling time for a country in the midst of an ongoing bloody conflict and a stark East-West divide. In a race with over forty officially registered candidates, the country is far from unified when it comes to backing a new leader, but three individuals have managed to stand out as likely contenders. Petro Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, and Volodymyr Zelenskiy have positioned themselves as the top choices, but it will be a long, contentious race to the polls with both Ukrainian and Russian interests dangling in the balance. Allegations of vote buying, corruption, and Russian interference have spread, promising to heavily influence decisions made at the polls on March 31 and April 21. Standing at a crossroads of Russian influence and Western ideals, a new administration could see shifts in either direction and mark a new course for Ukrainians.


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