Elon Musk opens up about An FBI Negotiator’s Secret to Winning Any Exchange 1 day ago   11:13

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Peter Hill
of course aliens are real
Cheapest Airline
This topic generates a lot of interests among science fiction fans, and any interesting ideas would be picked by movie writers?
Margaret Neanover
You seem confident to disregard many purchase offers that are not going to be subsidy gaurantees. The advance technology wasn't advanced then, it chipped itself quantum to cheat so many truths. Cyber bull means aerial should be abandoned. The convenience that allowed takeovers in a very unhealthy way. Hot and cold is effectual on humans behaving as they had not given intent. It wasn't a group entitlement more than a group diversion to compete. That's the way some are, they need nothing after a take from others. Repeating history as others it seems. What ever happened to Jacque Costeau. ?
Robert Calandra
https://ufl.ae/videow/Hb9rl8ncs6K here people!!! here`s your spacex guy who put a TESLA in orbit??????????? what a joke they this shit and all of you eat it like steak.....
Karl Aitchison
Aliens are already here it will be revealed soon, too many credible people are reporting seeing AFO's from all walks of life all over the world, just hook us up with your tech aliens cmon man humans will be good lol
B0b Lombardo
God is just a word from a long time ago that we still used for communicative purposes basically I believe in creation if you have ever drawn something wrote something created anything from something that was blank and you should believe in creation I believe there is something out there more evolved than we are very well could be part of creating yes you can call it whatever you like aliens anything you likeI’ll even go for that pixel laterOh yeah forgot I believe in evolution of their scientific evidence for that I just don’t believe we would trade in monkey fur or hair to wear clothes That doesn’t make sense for evolution someone creating adding to our DNA yeah go for that
Michael York
If you don't read up on interpreting facial expression within the context of the conversation you won't learn anything. People are on a very basic level of perception
Michael York
9:09 You will see he raised his eyebrow. If you profile Elon Musk's facial expressions this is what he doesn't when he wants to release suppressed information. Albeit a very small slice of information. There are plenty of books you can get on this subject to understand micro expression etc. I am absolutely sure he has the alien tech for some reason there are no aliens around but the tech remains.
Michael York
Listen to 9:12 Elon Musk knows about alien tech - he knows about problems with limitations of human intelligence to reverse engineer this tech
Michael York
Basically, Aliens are demonic eternities that have lived for 1000s of years. Each time they manipulate a man or men they get more territorial and psychological advancement. They cannot gain full access to the earth unless we give them permission.
Michael York
They already have Alien Tech but I am not sure why it hasn't trickled down to us though. Its technology is so advanced that its almost impossible to reverse engineer.
Angela Duarte
Love you Elon! Keeping doing you .. thanks for making the world a better place
Evadora Burns
Aliens exist I happen to like the few I personally know [of] 😐
Elon musk seems likeable but get off your knees people because he is human and we aren't as bright as we tend to think. Flesh ruins us...its the reason you can imagine what the best you is yet cant get out of your own way to achieve it. On a side note check out how his dad married his step daughter...yep that's his bloodline
A M Kummel
His thinking and actions are admirable and worthy of respect. He is the future.
Papa Hajib
Why did they cut out the part abou AI safety at the end?
If aliens are capable of interstellar travel, there will be a motive to make contact with a far less advanced species. Since we already know to study something changes something, the motive may not be educational.
August Caudill
What if they was a way to commutation with other beings from out space and they give they promise developing this divine matter to take place
This guy is an idiot. His car in orbit, Going to mars. 😂😂😂. Complete bs
aurora lyran
I am 25 age but looking 15/16 years old its the result of placebo efect and also i am perfectly healthy mind are more powerfull then anything else on earth
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An FBI Negotiator’s Secret to Winning Any Exchange Elon Musk opens up about 1 day ago   33:12

Christopher Voss created his company Black Swan based on the skills learned as a negotiator in hostage situations.

#FBI #Negotiation #Conference

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