Elon Musk opens up about 10 Scariest A.I. Robot Moments 2 days ago   11:13

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The Lion
We are here now, Elon...

We are trying to reach your people...
St 1111
Aliens are already here
Fiona Cahill
He is having such a great time fooling all the gullible people who think he's something uber special! He's just a clever engineer who had some great business ideas.. without PayPal we would not hear his name. He knows no more about Aliens than any of us!
jason friedus
rather fix this place....upgrade trains planes auto....biology phase out of chemo....moon travel....why.....help us shift it here....see what we have for science ..Aldebaran is real....metalighthouse.org
Tàpai Ferenc
Somany stars allower,paseblity somany prabobly lifeform!Like in the dzsungel! "StephenHawkins hawe rigth, when say,be Careful kontakt whit them!Hiistory hawe sample many_many!Sorwayving thecniks, ewolucion way.Feri.
Bojo Tanasic
is this the only guy to ask elon musk questions hes so dumb and asks questions that makes no sence.IF YOU LOOK AT THIS PART OF THE WORLD THEY BELIVE THAT HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT FROM EARTH......i mean cmon who is this dumb ass.Elon musk felt that this question was stupid thats why he went for a glas of watter.
elon musk...the worlds first successfully genetically modified super intelligent human being...to bad he is soooo off in philosophy. pretty good at the absolutes,math and such, should stick to them haha
drov erz
Yes we are Aliens...
Jesse Wetmore
@elonmusk you know my address please help me sir, i finally see why you are so intelligent because you think before you speak..
Jesse Wetmore
elong please donate to my beautiful mind please.. Im holding the rock and im getting stronger
Jesse Wetmore
I would listen to #elon hes got shit you will never seen haha
Jesse Wetmore
Im a beautiful mind 1.0 Q
Jesse Wetmore
Elon is a beautiful mind 3.0
Elon wake up, you most certainly have an alien descent within you..
Dabble Smith
He is a South African, I hope you understand that there is a giant potential for South African white people to be under heavy attack in the near future by the uneducated masses. Mark these words down, civil war is on path for S.A. The Africans there hate white people yet it's their post apartheid African government (A.N.C.) That has been stealing from their country, do your own research if you like...
Reinaldo Castellano
Aliens already here they are interdimentional advanced beings billion years ahead people get ready its going to be a wild ride!!!!!!
Blonde Haired Girl JKT
They are already here!
Markavelli Medina
Someone grab a scalpel and cut this dudes head open we need proof it's not a machine.
Markavelli Medina
If the government made contact with aliens we sure as fuck wouldn't know for years
Glen Bolton
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10 Scariest A.I. Robot Moments Elon Musk opens up about 2 days ago   11:11

Here are the scariest things ever said or done by artificial intelligent robots. They will soon take over the world!

Links to videos in this list:
Alexa: https://ufl.ae/videow/h5f0wgSYUq8
Han and Sophia debate: https://ufl.ae/videow/Bkkcw2beId8
Alex asked about CIA: https://ufl.ae/videow/dMbanthn44U
Robots talking to each other gone wrong: https://ufl.ae/videow/cfm_VR2GhzG
Bina48 Robot Talks to Siri: https://ufl.ae/videow/cvsog7kWrPw
Volvo auto brake system fail: https://ufl.ae/videow/_47kjMQekfe
Sophia says she wants to kill all humans: https://ufl.ae/videow/M0_TFy0FcV0
Will robots take over the world? https://ufl.ae/videow/ej0Vko34nD0
Alexa creepy laugh: https://ufl.ae/videow/f8fxWnpKS_O
Robot judged beauty contest: https://ufl.ae/videow/SsFPoByWCCs

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10 Creepiest Things Ever Said By A.I. Robots

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