When This Oregon Lake CAR GRAVEYARD LEFT IN GHOST TOWN 2 days ago   07:57

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When This Oregon Lake Dried Up In 2015, The Relics Of An Eerie Ghost Town Emerged

When droughts caused the water in Detroit Lake to drop to almost unprecedented levels, something incredible was revealed lurking beneath. It’s 2015, and America’s western coast is in the grip of a severe drought. Over in Marion County, Oregon, Detroit Lake is the lowest that it’s ever been. But as the reservoir slowly dries up,…

►Image credits:
Image: Dave Zahn via Statesman Journal
Image: Twelvizm
Image: State Library of Oregon
Image: Dave Zahn via Statesman Journal
Image: Joseph Rose via OregonLive.com
Image: KGW News

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Abel Wolfgang
Wake America and see how the jeeeeew corporations are pushing wicked filthy sodomy on all of us. Reject the devil and he will flee from you. Jeeeews are our greatest enemy.
OMG! Timesaver......A wagon was found during a drought. And was left there. The End.
Way to s t r e t c h it out. This is one minute of contents at best with 7 minutes of jabber.
WiZzZarD MonK
The 'William-ette' river?! 🤣🤣🤣
It's Willamette...
Will...am...ette... hehe
OMG!! This video is annoying! The title has very little to do with the content. Rename the video "Detroit Lake."
Reminds me of the chariot remains at the bottom of the the Red Sea found by Ron Wyatt and the subsequent documentary produced by Lennart Molar

the exodus case Dr Lennart Moller.
John P. O'Brien
Detroit Oregon is actually in Linn County, not Marion County.
C.D.G. Customs
So this Old Detroit or something is it like the Detroit in Michigan?
Brian E. Boyd
Ok say it with me Wil lam met. Willamette. Willa metty Jez.😢😢
Bella Herrera
Born and raised in Oregon, let me just say something, he pronounced everything but cascade wrong. Smh 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Owen Fish
I went down there during the drought. It was weird. I have lived in oregon my entire life driving past this lake a lot. I never saw it that low. Very pretty place.
Alex Ruki
Also...not that interesting. It is only 60yrs afterall
Alex Ruki
Go to 5mins for the story. The narrator is just loving his voice before then
2:45 : it was hidden for generations. generations of what? mice? it's barely 60 years ago, except US life expectancy is about 20 years old, it's not even 1 generation
terrence young
c;ick bait, horrible vid...don't waste your time
Terran Gluck
Lived here for most of my life isnt that special
Dona Adler
Oh exhausting
Mrs. Kaet'lyn West
Williamette [River] is pronounced Will-Ammit.
Joe Baker
A bunch of those pictures are not of Detroit lake. And also they draw down the lake every fall for flood control, hence the docks on dry land.
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CAR GRAVEYARD LEFT IN GHOST TOWN When This Oregon Lake 2 days ago   09:33

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