Top 10 Ingenious Renewable Solutions To The Worlds Top 10 Foods That Originally Looked 5 months ago   12:07

Each passing day, we come up with alternative ingenious renewable energy solutions that are cleaner, more efficient, sustainable, and renewable. Here are some ingenious alternatives!
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Be Amazed at these top 10 renewable energy solutions! Algae - Though a green eyesore on the water, algae’s potential was first suggested in 1942 as a source of food and fuel. It wasn’t taken seriously till the 1970s, however, when oil prices surged due to the oil embargo, forcing the US government to look into it. Carnegie Wave Energy - Australians have taken their love of surfing above the waves to another level – harnessing the power of waves below the surface thanks to Carnegie’s CETO technology. Tidal Power - A few other ways of harnessing tidal power include using Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbines . Osmotic Power - Osmotic power is generated when salt water meets fresh water – something that happens in nature when rivers flow to the sea. Solar and Wind Power - Why use solar panels when you have to deal with the night, bad weather, and cloudy days? By putting a solar array in space, we can have unlimited access to solar power which can be transmitted to homes in much the same way as cable channels.

Human Power - While pedal power has been around for a while, foot power is new thanks to Pavegen – a company that harnesses the power of footsteps. Lava Geothermal Generators - Iceland already uses geothermal energy from its many steam vents, but in 2014, it accidentally dug directly into a magma chamber. Turbulent Micro Hydro Power Plant - Turbulent came up with a simple whirlpool turbine that can power dozens of homes using the power of rivers and canals without harming fish. Batteries - The problem with solar and wind power lies in the fact that these sources of energy tend to be generated when they aren't always needed. Windmills - Texas prides itself on big things, but researchers at the University of Texas Arlington bucked that trend with micro-windmills .

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Now i subcribe
Keith Brunson
i have a great idea for renewable energy
Hank W
This is one of the best videos I've seen from BE AMAZED. Too bad the fossil fuel industry "owns" U.S. governments.
casey weiss
You actually believe in global warming?? Waht a stupid hoax
Equinox Gaming
This video makes you have a way better feel of the future
What an idiot. Kilowatt-hour doesn't express power, but energy.
What about used cooking oil?
Aiden Harris
2 is actually a very big deal. WOW
Giorgio Cooper
What world energy crisis ????? There are fossil fuel deposits for hundreds of years already discovered !!! And thousands of years of plenty fuel for almost CO2 neutral nuclear power plants !!!!!! Go invest into « clean coal » technology R & D instead of highly inefficient expensive environment destroying useless windmills and solar panels !!!
David G
Here is something that amazed me - I came across this new game changing energy solution. If what they claim is true then it's the solution. They also have videos of testes performed proving their statements. They are asking us to spread the word - You need to see this, I'm convinced.
tyler korn
Carlos Macedo
Nathyn Hehn
Nevermind my last comment, found this vid
Harry Wilson
Thanks a lot. Yr videos worth watching no doubt. and it keeps me researching those tech or ideas. 👍🏻
Peter King
I hate the term "renewable energy"! How can you renew energy? The closest you can get is "fast breeder" reactor, but of course that's not what the "Greens" mean.
HockeyDude 98
Will weed still be illegal?
Spicy Peppers
0:00 that’s nuclear
Hiren Vaghela
nice video
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Solar + Battery Storage for your home - all that is ever needed
Centralized energy projects control the citizens
You can own your own solar + Batteries
Ken Barbosa
Hey random person scrolling through the comments, I want to tell you that you are amazing just the way you are. Don't let anybody change you.
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Top 10 Foods That Originally Looked Top 10 Ingenious Renewable Solutions To The Worlds 5 months ago   10:03

Everyday foods, fruit and veggies used to look totally different before we started cultivating them. But did you know they haven’t always looked like they currently do? Here are 10 fruits and veggies that looked very different before we started cultivating them!
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Be Amazed at these 10 fruits & veggies that looked VERY different before we started cultivating them! Corn - The evolution of corn is a great example of how we can significantly change a vegetable over time. Corn actually comes from a Mexican grass called teosinte. Avocado - The millennial's favorite fruit has gone through quite a lot of change, and its all for the better. In the wild, avocados are very small and can easily fit into the center of your palm, growing to about three inches in diameter. Peach - The peach is another example of our ancestors using selective breeding to create a bigger and tastier version of a fruit. Domesticated by the Chinese around 4, 000 B.C., the original peach was very small and resembled a cherry. Eggplant - The wild variation of the eggplant is completely unrecognizable from the modern version we have today. Eggplants used to come in a variety of shapes, but most of them were round . Strawberry - Often times, as shown in this video, humans molded fruits and vegetables to make them taste better.

Tomato - We have been shaping the tomato to our own taste for thousands of years. The evolution of the tomatoes happened in two stages. Carrot - Wild carrots look nothing like the orange carrots we know today. They were found in Persia around the 10th century and were either white or purple. Cucumber - You probably wouldn’t guess that the wild cucumber is actually related to the modern version of the cucumber we have nowadays. Banana - The wild banana is quite different from the yellow snack that we have today. Originally, they were stocky and hard, filled with large and tough seeds that were spread across the fruit’s interior. Watermelon - Watermelons have actually been around for millennia and they're one of the fruits that have most drastically changed in appearance over the years.

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