Japanese prosecutors file new charges Carlos Ghosn vs Shin Kukimoto 2 days ago   02:41

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Tokyo prosecutors on Friday filed two new charges of financial misconduct against former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn, meaning the auto tycoon is unlikely to leave jail soon. Nissan was also charged with under-reporting his pay.

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michel buffet
oups!!tite news made in MEDEf!!le carlos de capitaine le vla degradè au grade de caporal!car il trahit le dogme ! se faire prendre par la patrouille la main dans le sac
Pierre Daher
This case will have a bad end , it is a conspiracy against a serious potential presidential candidate in his 3 countries of origin Lebanon France and Brazil, the loss of Carlos Ghosn will be of exorbitant cost for the alliance for all the stakeholders shareholders as well as for Renault and Nissan employees around the world , I have the feeling that this story is going to turn dramatic f Ghosn dies in prison, if this happens then history will witness a reversal of fortune for all Japan . this affair has raised lots of questioning about the Japanese judicial system to me it looks like an assassination similar to the kashogi crime in Istanbul .the Japanese prosecutor and justice authority are chopping this case the way the Saudis chopped Kashogi s body , Tokyo prosecutor or whomever is behind this conspiracy is surely leading Japan to the deepest abyss of darkness in Hell .Ghosn , arrest and treatment in detention has ruined for ever the image of Japan soon Nissan and Japan will comprehend the seriousness of their mistake ,
He looks likes a broke down version of Mr.Bean.
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Carlos Ghosn vs Shin Kukimoto Japanese prosecutors file new charges 2 days ago   05:31

Le duel de Renaud Dély oppose l’ancien patron de Renault-Nissan Carlos Ghosn au procureur de Tokyo. Non seulement la demande de remise en liberté de l’ex-PDG a été rejetée mercredi, mais deux nouveaux chefs d’accusation devraient être présentés ce vendredi par le parquet de Tokyo…

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