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Start your day with positive energy | 528Hz Good morning music soothing Healing Meditation Music | Wake up with positive energy! Early morning music - Enjoy your beautiful day.

The 528 Hz frequency is said to have an amazing effect on the body that causes DNA repair. This ability to repair DNA gave the 528 Hz frequency the nickname: miracle tone. It is usually associated with the color gold, and means “Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair).“


Responsibility is the foundation of a meaningful life, without it we as individuals will suffer the consequences of meaninglessness.

We are passionate about delivering clothes that support the healing and uprising of Mother Nature. Our goal and mission are to help YOU take responsibility in your own way by using products that aid in making our world a more harmonious place. By using our products, you take responsibility. Not just in the healing of our nature but in healing yourself. Be empowered. Take responsibility.


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We are forever grateful to anyone that support our work and purchase our audios. It really is helpful to our life purpose, to make planet Earth a better place for all living beings.

Thank you, dear soul.


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Listen for 30 days for maximum effects.

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Edward Sawoski
Beautiful music and scenery! Is there a list of where these places are to go along with the video?
Meg Stone
LOVE the photography! So beautiful!
Kristen Mata
anyone know if you can set an alarm that woke you up to a youtube video like this?
Fred Ebot
Am so humble. Thanks for such a wonderful calm music. Lots of peace in my heart
Kimberly Marin
May I just say Thank You to all those responsible for the production of this video. Bringing the beauty of this planet to everyone’s home is Amazing...Thank You
yurline franklin
I love this thank you 🙏🏻
Guatavo Martinez
Que me in porta ami quien lo aiga bisto
Matt Tavares
This is it. Nailed it. Thank you for this.
Margarita Beling
Gracias por la Música!!
There is so much beauty to be seen here. The spirit soars with peace and emotion. The music is beyond beautiful. Thank you so much. Good week to you from us both. Namaste.
Maria Altieri
Namaste 🙏
louie fernandez
Nice morning sounds!!!💄😃🍻🍺🎈
carolyn dehn
I am so inspired by your story! The videos are amazing and the music is my first go to when I am studying. Thank you for persevering. I have never subscribed to a channel before yours so I learned a bit from your story and decided to support in this way. Great use of a technology some of us are afraid of.
ruben cabrera
Marisa Herrero
¡ qué belleza! Maravilloso despertar
Jo Sandham
Won't watch again with an advert every 5 minutes.
Wishbone Jordy
i'm gld this selection of music was recommended for me to see how anpaired car driver can bad events will reveal that family could have been in your own car ith no remaining lives left and their legacy left not a whisper but the event that could have been avoided altogether
Euripedes Francisco de Jesus
Obrigado Deus. Thank you God.
Ирина Лаптинская
Благодарность и восхищение труда Вашим!
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6 - Jjos - Stella

7 - Jjos - Take My Hand

8 - Jjos - Menorca Island

9 - Jjos - Feelings

10 - Jjos feat. Sylvanna Gelmetti - Deep Emotion

11 - Jjos - Sexy

12 - Jjos - Come Into My Space

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Label: Contraseña Records

123rf: Martin Valigursky

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