Why are Russia and Ukraine Fighting? How Africa is Becoming China's China 10 months ago   04:06

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Why Does Russia Hate The United States? http://testu.be/1O2xIhP
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TestTube News sat down with digital journalist, Tim Pool to discuss how the 21st century changed journalism. Check out what he had to say.

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https://ufl.ae/videow/3LHxaTvYZlG&vuqjkhu=oekjk.ru&j=9c10i : Ferguson Protests
https://ufl.ae/videow/Hd8_IOxeanm : Baltimore Riots
https://ufl.ae/videow/Lt5aUE4IW5G : Police Brutality in Rio

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Maria Kaktusёnish
I feel insulted that everyone in the world think of Ukraine as a victim of Russia. WE_ARE_BROTHERS. Ukraine was the part of Russia till 90s. Before Soviets, before tsar times. Always!!! WE, Russian folks, are all from KIEV territory!!!! Our roots came from there. Same blood, same faith. The only reason the mess started out was that Ukraine wanted to betray us to USA. =/
i can't believe we are enemies. I could cry of it, my soul is in pain.
3:08 WTF!?
Lobo mobo
As a Ukrainian I don’t get why Russia is like “let’s be close friends and then I’ll commit mass genocide against you and take your land?” Ukraine: “wtf”
SHUT UP, WESTERN PROPAGANDA! You don't even know anything about Slavic history. Long live Mother Russia! 🇷🇺
Nikich 21
That is not an invasion in Ukraine! It was a war with prorussian republics in donbass! Russia is not declares war with Ukraine, and Russia is not a deployment troops into Ukraine. Russia is not annexed Crimea, Crimean people Voted for joining Russia at the referendum in 2014 Because of the fact that there is a coup in Ukraine
Вук Тодић
Because damm ukraine government dont want to give russia back what they gave to ukraine
Владимир Бодрый
OMG, collected all their stamps
Slavic Doggo the anti furry
Because we can
Serhii Kyrichik
In eastern Ukraine, the Russians do not live. There live the same Ukrainians as in the west. Just in the east they speak Russian.
Rajat Mukherjee
Isn't the whole Russian civilization started from Ukraine? With many upper class among it??
Mcallen Barrientos
Respect Ukraine Independence Russia stop land grabbing
Shaun Heng
95% of the crimea people vote to be a part of russia, and US and EU called this an invasion
Антон Кот
Чушь рассказывается. За последние четыреста лет только Россия строила в Украине города, заводы, больницы, школы, стадионы. Европа приходила только разрушать. В 1991 году Россия оставила Украину девятой экономикой Европы. Во что мы превратились за двадцать восемь лет? Украина бросила российский рынок, а Европа свой рынок Украине не открыла. Из космической державы с ядерным оружием Украина превратилась в самую нищую страну Европы.
Leo Conchola
Ukraine had been in conflict ever since the USSR just sad that there so much conflict
Dear people who support Putin, you are mentally ill.
111 222
Just another kremlin propaganda.
Russia supports Russians, Russia sends help to Russians including weapons to protect themselves, Russia sends help to the people of the Russian regions which sadly were included into the newmade region of villagers called Ukraine
The Holy Earth God
I think Jews is the problem. What about jew?
GO Russia
Natasha Habraszewski
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How Africa is Becoming China's China Why are Russia and Ukraine Fighting? 10 months ago   10:48

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