US Iran Sanctions: 'The US doesn't Iran's revolution — 40 years on 2 days ago   02:52

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Mohammad Marandi, political analyst at the University of Tehran explaining what he thinks of the US sanctions on Iran

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Agusta Sister
All this BS from a guy who lives in the 7th century because he chooses to be sexist racist and Ophelia sex with dead people sex with animals anything in exchange for promoting a psychopath fake lifestyle
Kiumars [Iranian Kurd]
Death to the USA and Israel
N afshar The great
USA & Zionist. Using Saudi wahhabi trrorist. And salafi trrorist To destabilising and destroying meddleast countris for Israel
Mac Panah
The way our world is governed today reminds me of the Supreme Chancellor in the Star Wars movies. In this movie, he talked about democracy and peace while being behind the drone Army himself. A brilliant master piece by George Lucas.
Dinkfoots Fitzgerald
...we all know that Iran is the gold standard for human rights...; P Sanctions really do hurt the people trying to just survive. The government and military always seem get what they need in these situations. It is frustrating and sad.
Kabanda Ayub Muhsin
this is a balanced debate on Iran though its been short lived...
Pouya Blog
Long live Iran !
jack cracker
Sanctions are a necessary policy to keep the radical mullahs caged in.The Iranian regime is as rogue ISIS.They were the first to encourage international terrorism,long befor ISIS or al-qaeda.
Can't stand that stupid Marandi jerk! The son of a mullah! Can't stand his fake grin, the grin of a psychopath! Soon we'll wipe that grin from his face once and for all!
Jake Tapper
Wow , somebody telling her truth on France 24. I'm guessing they will never have him back on again. If he would have mentioned Venezuela, instead of Iran , this news clip would have never went up.
The USA does not desire to do business with a country that wishes DEATH to America, nor with countries which support a country that wishes DEATH to America. You wish DEATH to your customer, then you can't understand why your customer doesn't want to do business with you anymore!? How stupid do ya need to be??
Krishna Kumar
Everyone knows Zionism controlled Americans.
Sheeple are Lame
The US only want the oil
Shahin M
such a idiot, A country that dictates what his citizens drink, dress, watch and think criticizes the US for human rights. If you can lick well in Iran you will become a professor, but the right professors are either executed, imprisoned or, at best, unemployed..
Gerald Miller
So the regime that exports islamic terror and is pursuing nuke weapons to carry out their goals of Death to America and Death to Israel "cares" about human rights. If that was true they would abandon islam. also ISIS was created by islam just like every other islamic terror organization going back to the 1300's.
Prof Marandi great as always!
Sanctions? Get out of the U.S. dollar! Buy Bitcoin!!!
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Iran's revolution — 40 years on US Iran Sanctions: 'The US doesn't 2 days ago   03:47

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