Steve Mnuchin Opens Up About "SHENANIGANS!!!" Democrats Take Turns 1 day ago   09:37

The Young Turks
Steve Mnuchin isn’t afraid to break some laws for Daddy Trump. Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence, and Jayar Jackson, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:

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"Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says it's his department's "intent to follow the law" in responding to the request by House Democrats to release President Trump's tax returns. During a budget hearing on Capitol Hill, Mnuchin was asked by Rep. Mike Quigley, (D-Illinois) if he would be involved in the decision on whether to release the returns in light of a request by the House Ways and Means Committee. Quigley cited a "longstanding (IRS) delegation order that the secretary does not get involved in taxpayer specific manners."

Mnuchin said he was "not surprised" by the question and said it was "better we get this out."

"I want to acknowledge we did receive the request and as I've said in the past when we received the request, it would be reviewed by our legal department, and it is our intent to follow the law. And that is in the process of being reviewed," Mnuchin stated."

Hosts: Jayar Jackson, Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence

Cast: Jayar Jackson, Ana Kasparian, Adrienne Lawrence


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Human Inc.
Mnuchin is on hardcore coke, look at the twitches.
Richard Edwards
Trump has not taken a dime for salary as Potus he is without doubt the best Potus ever and why I left the Dem party nothing but liars and thieves but the will get him reelected in 2020 I no longer know any democrats they have ALL left that criminal party!
Samuel Hornet Wolf
*Isn't This Munchkin In His Duties Suppose To Be Involved In the Discussion To The Release Of Trump's Taxes With The White House Legal Team ?*
Samuel Hornet Wolf
*Wow, you Rethuglicans, nice party, violators of the Law, you are in your Deathbed !*
Elle Black
Regardless of what he may be hiding...the point is that he should comply with a legal request. Don't conflate the issue.
Edward Cranium
Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.
Al DeS
Mnuchin better release the tax returns ASAP to the Congress as requested. ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
I think even just state level returns could make obvious if Trump is committing fraud or not... Maybe even strengthen a need for the federal ones to see how deep the tax troubles go.
I'm still surprised how many republicans and Trump appointed people are willing to metaphorically throw themselves on the swords of scandal surrounding Trump. How they try to protect him when it only damages or ruins their reputations, and the already tattered reputation of the Republican party... and gets them into legal hot water. Some have even gone to prison.

Right now though, the US is only treating the symptoms and going after the lackies doing their dear leader's bidding. Justice needs to get to the heart of the problem...Justice can't do that effectively yet, because Trump put another one of his meat puppets in the position of AG.
Ben Jammin
Trump won, get over it.
Charles De Francisco
Ray Charles could see he is a liar and so incompetent at his job and just another lackey
To coin a phrase...LOCK HIM UP
Y Not
O'. So, M Cohen did say, that Trumpinnocchio's political enablers are alledgedly doing the same as he, undercover as brainwashed co-felonious conspirators and complicit protectors..
Dawn Nightinger
Non-compliance with the law should be grounds for Arrest. As such if the president is refusing to comply with the law that governs all, the president should be impeached within 30 days of failing to cooperate.
Trumpfraud Lens
why dont the special counsel just simply raid Mnuchin's office to retrieve the documents?
Ol' Malley's Alley
How can a president under audit change tax laws but claim to not be able to show his taxes? Makes no sense
Nestor Gallegos
Mnuchin, needs to be Arrested and sent to Jail , He is staling the People who have given him Order to turn them over, he want to Play games and fall on the Sward for TRUMP. then Lem him have A long fall on it , What a bunch of F***ING idiotes Trump is Obstructing Justice right in front of Everybody and they are just Playing with them selves allowing him to do so....Arrest that Fred Flinstone looking Dude the A
Ronald Reed
Sessions didn't and even kept his job for a year and half afterwards.
Engild Inc
Face Candy Studio
Doesn't this just boil your blood? All the American people, republicans included, had to meet a tax deadline of April 15th or get fined or (in some cases after a history of neglect) be jailed, but here goes Trump deathly afraid to show his taxes, and has obtained the highest office of the land without showing them. How is this FAIR? How is this ALLOWED?
on the stage in the audience at the same time
He has established himself very clearly Beyond doubt without the ability to waiver from the fact that he is and has been and performs as. THE CRIMINAL
John Fortman
He probably doesn't have anything to hide. He's just such a contrarian control freak that the more people ask for his tax returns the more likely he is to fight to keep them private. He's using this issue to sow chaos because it's working. Everyone is talking about him. It's all about him. When you finally get his tax returns and there's nothing to see, he wins again. When you finally get the tax returns and find something questionable, he will just have a new thing to sow chaos about. He wins again. So, please, quit harping on the tax returns until you have something concrete. It's pointless.
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