Why are the airplanes losing speed? CARNIVAL SCAM SCIENCE- and how to win 1 day ago   18:29

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Flying on an airplane is the fastest option for the worldwide travel. And, with the advent of jet engines, the airliners became much faster, giving travelers unprecedented opportunities.
However, over the past decades, airliners have not just not increased flight speed - they often fly at speed lower than their predecessors. This strange fact can raise the question: why, despite all the progress, do we fly so slowly? Fuel? Money? Regulations?
Let's find out!

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Dual J the Gamer
Americans so Over Weigth Duhhhh.
Nirmal V
Thank you
Lawrence Wheeler
Also noise reduction, 2nd gen. engines design = less power.
the fuhrer epicness
They're getting fat?
protools fanatic
it is because the planes would create sonic booms everywhere...you would just here booms all day long...they are only about 50-100 mph under the sound barrier.
River Scallen
Thank you for this amazing vid! I know you must have spent a lot of time and effort to explain this to us. THANK YOU!
Kit Carr
In fewest words - it's about OPTIMAL performance (which includes factors like reliability, fuel economy, load capacity, ecology concerns, stress, comfort and safety factors and a dozen things more rather than just flat out top speed. However, now that 'The Russians' are looking to relaunch their 'Concordeski' supersonic airline project and (no doubt) the Insecure Nations of The West will soon feel they have to react 'just because ... ' Progress always includes various ramps, peaks and plateause
Peter Hladky
Very informative and well presented. Thanks for posting!
I would imagine that the entire focus is placed on efficiency, since they aren't allowed to break the sound barrier.
The reason is that it is not efficient flying at the speeds of the Convair 990... Here watch this https://ufl.ae/videow/SXm3dHzz5ns .
Really interesting explanation, I really enjoyed watching this!
" Why are air planes losing speed?" 🤔
Um... because they're slowing down 🤗
l Rodrik
Excellent and informative video.Thanks!
I have lived near Heathrow circa 1.8miles from North runway start point since 1997, a few years of feeling then hearing Concorde thundering till take off was magnificent, seeing the Concorde in flight at take off / landing std speed in air was a special sight
Long live Concorde & now the A380 is in demise, 2 aeronautical giants
15:45..and the TSA sexually harassing you.
Robert Backlund
The reason we do not have any super sonic aircraft today is the same reason Boeing canceled their SST program in the early 1970's and that is because creating sonic booms from the shock waves was outlawed over the continental US. The UK and French went ahead with their Concord due to national pride not because it made any economic sense. The name of the game is cost per seat mile which is governed by how effecient the engines and air frames are. The best way to increase efficiently at least here in the US would be to get rid of the stupid ineffective and very intrusive security measures that were introduced right after 9/11 that we all should know by now were not caused by international terrorists but were caused by former president Bush and his administration probably with the assistance of the Saudi's as well as his father. 9/11 was covered up by many since it occurred including former president Obama. I hope that all responsible for this mass murder are held accountable for their treason. They were directly attacking our Constitutional protections and right after 9/11 they pushed through the Patriot Act and the establishment of the FISA courts that directly violate all of our 4th amendment protections. Every politician since this event that have renewed as well as expanded the damn Patriot Act should be put into prison regardless of political party. I bet that would be around 80% of everyone in Congress today.
Linda McEntaffer
I'm sorry, but there is only one type of Airliner/Transport that will break the speed of sound: an S.S.T. example; the Concorde. Modern Airliners may have the engine power to get to the barrier, but their electronics won't allow much above Mach .8. Why? Because the Fiberglass & Honeycomb parts of the leading & trailing edges of the wings will start shedding at am alarming rate. And then, whaddya think will happen! Hey, before you go off making these goofy claims in a video, KNOW what the heck you're talking about! "Skyships Eng," make a note to yourself, saying, "Not everyone is stupid & gullible."
Jerrold Neal
No mention made of why the engines are now positioned on the front of the wing. The wing engines used to be beneath the wings. Now the heat exhaustion from the engines must be heating up the wings.
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CARNIVAL SCAM SCIENCE- and how to win Why are the airplanes losing speed? 1 day ago   11:37

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