Why are the airplanes losing speed? How Do They Do It? - Airplane Recycling 2 days ago   18:29

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Flying on an airplane is the fastest option for the worldwide travel. And, with the advent of jet engines, the airliners became much faster, giving travelers unprecedented opportunities.
However, over the past decades, airliners have not just not increased flight speed - they often fly at speed lower than their predecessors. This strange fact can raise the question: why, despite all the progress, do we fly so slowly? Fuel? Money? Regulations?
Let's find out!

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Paul Meyer
This approach should enable the electric turbine and blended wing designs of the future.
Jayfeather is CRANKY
Who is here when the 737 MAX is a bad thing....
M. M
At least the planes aren't flying so slow that they stall
Alberto Rocha
I thought it was because of fat people they heavy
Are trains are catching up to these modern aircraft. Imagine that future.🚄🏁
Jasmine Jeanine
When I flew from LAX to Malaysia we ran out of fuel in the Boeing 747 as it took FAR longer then expected thanks to strong head winds. Thus a 18hr flight turned into a 23 hr flight. This meant we were forced to land in Tokyo in order to refuel which didn't make them very happy. They didn't let us leave the plane and held the plane at gunpoint. (not kidding) Then the pilot gunned it and we flew about 80mph faster to try and make up some time as being on time IS important as airlines have to pay for rescheluding of connections/hotels etc. And the fastest routes are given to the most on time airlines as many cities have noise curfews even cities like London which Heathrow airport closes at midnight till 6am. Same with Sydney which closes at 10:30 thus if you're late over 15 mins the flight gets canceled.
The narrator IS a wild and crazy guy.
I fly between US and Asia often and not long ago on 747s the Asian carriers flew as fast as 750mph based on the passengers screen displays. The trip times were as short as possible, lets say 9 hours. When oil prices went up, they cut the speed to 575mph maximum, and when they changed to A380 planes they cut it to 450mph. You can basically walk faster! Now the same trips are 13 hours, and the latest trip in March, 2019 was 15 hours which makes for a very painful and uncomfortable trip. 15 hours in a seat is going to kill you. My feet are still swollen after 3 weeks. I want to save money like anyone else but id gladly pay extra to cut some hours!
nicolas bitcoin
peasants want cheap tickets!
Anton Kiss
Ту читается не как на русском, а каждая буква отжельно Ти Ю
Noena Burnell
Ridiculously easy to answer question! Do I need to elaborate for those of you too thick to work it out? I assure you I regard myself as average intelligence! This one was easy though!
sharad chandra
He didn’t discussed air traffic throughout
Alan Mathai
I'll stick to my boat
Stacy Smith
Dave shrum
Yeah except Boeing was a greedy short-sighted company. To make the engines more fuel efficient they made the planes more unstable and dangerous and now they are falling out of the sky. And they knew about it and went ahead anyways so they could make it more fuel efficient. And now their Fleet is grounded all over the world and they're paying the price for it. And your videos are excellent by the way thank you.
Mr. Sasshole
Excellent video, a pleasure to watch/listen to. I would agree that the decrease in speed is absolutely outweighed by the positives. One additional thing I'll add is that turbulence is FAR more mild than it was even 20 years ago. Whether that's due to better navigation, larger wing area or more complex computer algorithms for in-flight microadjustments, I do not know (perhaps a pilot could enlighten us on that), but turbulence is noticeably decreased these days. Otherwise my only point of contention is the assertion that cabins have become more comfortable. I'm 6'2", 195lbs with very long legs and if I'm not able to get an exit row or upgrade to business/1st class, I feel as if we're stacked like cord wood in the plane. It's very uncomfortable for people of my stature and dimensions to fly.
Boomers and their pussy tech. Bring back the supersonic planes and put the 737 max death trap in the garbage where it belongs.....
Ryan Pearsall
Damn.. that point of attack is quite steep for the 737 Max.. in your video clips. I always thought the opposite but now it make sense to me.. The more weight and drag of the bigger engines up front, makes the angle of attack much less forgiving.. they actually have to go steeper.. climb before leveling out.. which means it's very vulnerable to wind speed or pilot error with the limited window. Hence computer sensor augmentation BS..
Every passenger plane should have a manual backup.. and freely certify passengers and give discounts if they can help with physically manually controlling functions pilots alone cant physically handle..
Every everything should have a back up redundancy..
If hydrolics fail.. their is plenty of potential man power on board to manually manipulate the flaps..
Peter Swinkels
Modern stuff sucks! 😭 Ahem, nice video.
All about money..
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How Do They Do It? - Airplane Recycling Why are the airplanes losing speed? 2 days ago   05:25

How airplanes are recycled. Hate to see those poor planes get torn up. I'd give 'em a good home.

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