Why are the airplanes losing speed? The Economics of Airline Class 2 days ago   18:29

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Flying on an airplane is the fastest option for the worldwide travel. And, with the advent of jet engines, the airliners became much faster, giving travelers unprecedented opportunities.
However, over the past decades, airliners have not just not increased flight speed - they often fly at speed lower than their predecessors. This strange fact can raise the question: why, despite all the progress, do we fly so slowly? Fuel? Money? Regulations?
Let's find out!

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Liam Ta
Rather ride for 7 hrs knowing im MORE COMFY, and safe (and my ears wont bleed) and safer then ride for 3 hrs that would make my ears bleed, be less comfy and more likley too die
Once I turned up the video speed, I was travelling through at the Concorde speed!
duy tran
i like it
John Bodden
They did not address the effects of turbulence on high speed aircraft. the higher the speed the more severe the effrcts of turbulence. It's really scary going to the john and then being plastered to the overhead.
Cameron Langevin
Not everything is about speed. Even the smaller single aisle liners can fly up and down the coast in about 3-4 hours. That’s so much better than driving for 4 days straight. Some people aren’t happy for the tech we have for right now. Some people just take stuff for granted.
G Tanz
Boeing Max has Maxed Out. I will never fly on that plane ever.
James Light
Differences between Manc .78 and .79 is about 6 knots or 7 mph. Basically 1 minutes per hour and more fuel. In a 5 hour flight only 5 minutes in saving.
Indrid Cold
In other words, the modern jets were slowed down for profit reasons. The slower new jet is made cheaper with lighter material and made less robust and durable. This way, it will not use as much expensive fuel, also. Then, ticket prices are brought way up while giving nothing more to the customer. Then, the airlines pack in way more customers into this new slow jet that uses less fuel, and is made less robust. This makes a lot of money for the greedy airlines. Profit is what slowed down the jets.
Y Sanchez
dude !!,, are you serious!!? you think we're buying that lie !!!!??
Mohamad Goddam
utang mesti dibayar. titik
I think it has more to do with the possibility of time travel and accidently opening up portals to other dimensions other than giving a damn about engine emissions and fuel costs hmmm
Kelly Arthur
It's simple. Speed costs money, & passengers won't pay the price for getting there 5 minutes sooner.
Kevin Aalberts
Price of fuel went up they don't use liquid fuel!!!! Never had!!! They run on air that because it's called an airliner an air plane air port ect. It uses AIR !!!! BYE!!
Physical postal service has also gotten slower than in, say, the 1920's! :-)
felter hills
Yes I would fly a 737 max even today but not piloted by Ethiopia nor indonicia pilots.
Geoffrey Howells
But what about the steam engine locomotive?
J Horne
It still cost too much
R Kaiser
Fantastic facts. Great work, Thank You.
Joshua Ballew
It's more efficient, which costs us less money on tickets
Vincent Ciccone
When he said, "all people are idiots" Interesting theory, explains a lot 😂😂😂😂
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The Economics of Airline Class Why are the airplanes losing speed? 2 days ago   11:38

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