California's Renewable Energy Problem Ron Baron: Tesla Worth $1T By 2030 1 day ago   18:01

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Real Engineering
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Why have you not mentioned the centrifugal battery storage companies?
The Barstewards have just given the go-ahead for my property to be surrounded by PV My view is discounted,emf is an unfounded thing . No to litium batteries,Need liquid metal batteries but no chance because of GST MST rules in the EU ( no shit)
Anthony! Senpai-kun~
Nuclear is the future.
Jake Zgab
No free lunch.
could the extra energy used to pump water to a higher place? When needed use the water like hydro.
Rikkos Hop
LNG & Nuclear is moot - the tech is "Liquid Air". The fuel is free because it's air, it can easily be scaled to meet peak needs and price 20 bil v 60 mil for an on demand use there is no competition !!!
Darrell W
Sorry, California. Now that Washington State and Oregon have stupidly decided to follow you to an imaginary carbon-free world, we are going to cut you off from our hydroelectric power generation because we are going to need it for ourselves. Get those batteries as fast as you can. I hope they can find enough rare earths to make them for you and everyone else who wants them.
Jason Gibson
The fact that average voters refuse to have a conversation about the engineering challenges for addressing climate change is a reason why I think we are all doomed.

All we hear is solar and wind is amazing without thinking about the real reasons why it's not implemented everywhere.
Swanni Swanson
Plant a tree...WTF...
Ismael Freytes
No one listen to warning
John Bussey
Be careful what you believe about dams being " Envronmentaly Destructive." Most of the dams on the East side of the Continental Divide, in Montana actually improved the environment. Benificiaries are fish, wildlfe, comunities, and agriculture. These dams mitigate the destructive floods of Spring torrential melts that destroy fish, and wildlife habitate, and insure that there is water for fish, wildlife, communities, and agriculture in the Summer, where before the dams there were only dry stream beds.
Garbage, plow ahead please.
Timothy Black
California just had one of it's wettest years on record, after a shallow drought of only 4 years... This is ridiculous...who the he'll is saying California is getting dryer? It isn't! But somehow there is a magical trend, as revealed by theory, that California is going to get drier and drier? Haven't these idiots heard of the Pacofic Decadal Oscillation?

This is all fairy dust and bullshit.
Can you imagine the cost for Canada to go green, our winters are 6 months long with temps going down to -45F with an additional month of cool temps in early spring and late fall that are colder than California's winter. At above the 49th parallel, Canadian solar panels (during the summer months) would produce less power than California's panesl would produce during their winter. The UN and it's Paris agreement can go to hell, and take their climate scam and Al Gore too.
Jo Mo
Nuclear energy is the only one sustainable for a modern society.
Deal with it.
The newly developed aluminum- air battery will vastly improve energy storage
I wonder if California's projections include radically increased demand due to electric vehicles, one EV, dependent on daily miles driven can equal & exceed the power consumption of it's owners home by itself & imagine the number of households that have more than one car in the driveway.
Ron Carney
More Co2 caused climate change insanity resulting in tax funded boondoggles like obscene wind farms, biodegradable solar panels and batteries to solve a non existent problem, which is the second biggest fraud in history!............ Coal, gas, hydro and intrinsically safe nuclear are the base load energy mix that will power the real world, not fantasy world, for many years to come.
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Ron Baron: Tesla Worth $1T By 2030 California's Renewable Energy Problem 1 day ago   39:47

A breakdown of Ron Baron's latest CNBC interview discussing how he got invested in Tesla, the Model 3's potential, and how Tesla could become a $1T company by the year 2030. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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