Divorcing My Husband…for 24 Hours! (Emotional) REBECCA ZAMOLO AND MATT SLAYS 2 days ago   17:33

Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo gets emotional after divorcing her husband for 24 hours!

In this video Rebecca Zamolo notices Matt spying on her for 24 hours and decides to prank him by pretending to be divorcing her husband. She joins Bailey who is ninja training her to help her defeat the red hood hacker at Vidcon. Bailey is the ex-boyfriend of Lizzy Sharer and he does ninja training with Rebecca to teach new skills and make Matt jealous. Matt reacts when the professional flipper shows off by doing a back flip on the trampoline and crazy tricks. Do you think Bailey should join the game master network? Rebecca notices Matt and Daniel following her inside a disguise store and like 123 Go! pranks him by making a phone call to a mystery man. She takes it to the next level when she arrives at a lawyers office and sneaks in. She notices that Matt and Daniel are searching for her and this would be the perfect time to finish tricking them. Matt confronts Rebecca and she gives him Papers. After he figures out the truth they try tricking Daniel. He gives more information about the Red Hood in San Francisco. Now that they know what the hackers are doing they need to stop them at Vidcon and take over the safe house. Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Matt and Rebecca | Spying on my Wife for 24 Hours! **emotional** https://ufl.ae/videow/mxxdiBJzaoC

#24hours #the24hourchallenge #prank

Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Rebecca Zamolo
Who do you think took the divorce worse- Daniel or Matt?
I love you Rebecca
Brooklyn Franklin
The game master is working for the red hood
My I dad work for Facebook
martin dueñas
Matt is mad
BTS and contortion channel! I love suga
It's Kurt who can't be trusted Rebecca
Vitalitty Buckner
It’s Matt who can’t be trusted
BTS and contortion channel! I love suga
**I have given him no reason not to trust me** Ummmm Ok😂 sureeee
With my family Forever
I don't have Instagram 😪😪😪
Anabel Rodriguez
They so LOL
حنان أحمد
soph morens
take back the safe house
Carrie Linro
It was Matt`s idea.
Rianna Sharpe
Belinda Rivera
Jeremy Harris
It’s Q
Jean-Paul Borja
take back the safe house
Nurzahirah Sulaiman
Saw matt
Gg Gggg
Oh Billy he was in Carter and lizard video 😗😗
Melma Dulcero
What! Baily is lizzy sharers ex boyfriend
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REBECCA ZAMOLO AND MATT SLAYS Divorcing My Husband…for 24 Hours! (Emotional) 2 days ago   09:05

We wanted to share with everyone the special day of our Wedding Day. It was an amazing day filled with emotional moments and hilarious reactions from our family. Hope you enjoy!

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