Free energy device new idea How to Make Solar Panels Yourself 1 day ago   07:06

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Free energy device new idea homemade in 2017

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Renzo 7u7
there is no free energy device, THE FREE ENERGY DEVICES DON'T EXIST
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ralcmm family
wow amazing
Lost Boy
looks like a basic gravity wheel motor.
Pogany Koppany
So far none of those wheels worked. It's fake.
Éléonore Havard
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Manuel VanLoon
ramy ramdani
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محمد عباسی
LO Entertainment
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Fatimatito Santos
param brar
i Believe if You would use Some heavy stuff to roate the plates they will roatate definately but this is fake video brother .. we are nit fools...
8 year old
Just blow some air in to it will work fine and make less shit brain to believe this
Tluanga Tz
very nice but useless
Energy Nut
Vasy Fedy
Шляпа галимый
Fernando Brito
Don't be a Trump man, don't do it kakakakaka
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How to Make Solar Panels Yourself Free energy device new idea 1 day ago   14:45

Make solar panels yourself, it will cost you 20 (!) times cheaper.
Charging for a smartphone of 10 of these cells -
solar cells 52*52MM -
contact strips -

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