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On the eve of presidential elections in Ukraine, the power struggle on the Sea of Asov is coming to a head. The Sea of Asov borders both Ukraine and Russia.

Both states have the right to use it. Yet Russia is setting up obstacles to shipping on the sea. What if a situation similar to that in Crimea is threatening this region? Oleksandr Oliynyk, director of the port of Mariupol, is convinced that ‘Russia wants to destabilize our region and is exerting economic pressure to acquire what it failed to get in 2014.’ The economy of Mariupol has been suffering since the start of the war in Eastern Ukraine. The amount of cargo handled by the port has plummeted. Difficulties for ports in eastern Ukrainian were exacerbated after the opening of the Kerch bridge, connecting the annexed Crimean peninsula with the Russian mainland. Freight ships with a height of more than 33 meters cannot pass under the bridge, and can no longer reach eastern Ukraine.
Russian border controls and the coastguard body of the FSB, the domestic Russian secret service, make matters worse, costing money and days of waiting for the ship owners. Fewer and fewer shipping firms are willing to call at eastern Ukrainian ports. ‘Of course we’re worried about losing our jobs’ says Artjom, a docker who has been working a reduced four-day week for some time. His colleague Sergej, at the neighboring shipyard, has had his hours cut since the beginning of this year. Everyone here is feeling Russia’s increasing pressure and dominance. Many are afraid that the war could also soon reach Mariupol.
The documentary accompanies people in Mariupol and Berdjansk through their daily lives, just a stone’s throw from the front line. Their livelihoods are inextricably linked with the Sea of Asov, and they are at risk of becoming embroiled in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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lilahdog 568
Hasn't there already been a war going on there for three years or so?
Anon Anon
If Russia invades Ukraine, the EU and NATO will NOT come to help you. I hope you Ukrainians understands that. So don't poke the bear.
Connor Falcon
Do not let it’s size fool you. Russia is primarily densely populated within its western region. The eastern is less dense than Mongolia. Of course the Russians would like you to believe they are this massive power expanded over several time zones and continents. In that aspect they are not wrong, but its just more or less smoke and mirrors. Its a buffer zone.

People time and time again invade Russia and fail. They fail because they get bogged down on winter and since its expanse is so massive, the supply lines of the invaders are stretched to the point in which they snap. If it weren’t for their buffer zones, Russia would have been destroyed by Napoleon a very long time ago.

I do not hate the Russian people, i hate their leaders as much as an American i dislike mine. Communism had done irreparable damage to humanity and we are still able to see the scar tissue.

The Ukrainians must not bend, they must not let these people bully them. They have to fight for their land. I support them in this battle. I would go to war for them. They do not deserve this.

Russia has not changed much since the collapse. In fact they have just gotten more cleaver at playing dumb.

I love all humans because we all share this planet together. We all deserve to coexist in peace and freedom. As long as leader like Putin continue to scam their way into power, we will never reach unity. Imperialism is a practice that should have been destroyed in world war 1. We see that is not the case.

Russia still to this day supplies America and NATO’s enemies with weaponry. I am not completely shifting all the blame to them, America is not a saint either but at least i can stand up and admit that. Russia’s citizens need to wake up from their Red Dreams and leave their neighbors alone.
More evidence that Ukraine should never have given up it's nuclear weapons.
Dylan Chatfield
Does Ukraine have any allies?
The tone of voice of the translation of the Russian coastguard is obvious propaganda. You are not independent journalists.
If in a yard there is one Rottweiler (Russia) and one Maltese (Ukraine) who do you think will have the loudest bark? The Maltese, of course. (We can see and hear it every day). But who will be the master of the yard? The Rottweiler. Always.
Stefen Hooker
There is no such country as Ukraine! Guys, it's all USSR; therefore, Russian will rejoined all parts of former USSR under the same roof...
Александр Шумихин
Can you imagine, they still believe that in the Donbass they are fighting with Russia. Why they do not fight with Russia in the Crimea is a rhetorical question.
Shawn Green
Non issues, this place needs some leadership.
Fried Chicken
Lets not forget they speak same language and share same culture and religion. Why is Ukraine ally with nato
Денис Дементьев
Wasn’t that German government too, who denied negotiations between Russia, Ukraine and EU before signing Ukraine and EU economic and trade agreement? And what we see now? Russia is still greatest trade partner of Ukraine. EU shares tiny trade quotas to Ukraine. Wasn’t that German politicians who still close their eyes on Nazi military compounds in Ukraine Army? Wasn’t that German people who shut up their mouths when peaceful people of Donbas die of Ukrainian artillery attacks?
These poor fishermen have to work their Asov to earn a living.
watch the neocons
1:35 LIE, the long before treaty establishes free cross after protocol to ask for entrance in advance. We are civilized people, we follow rules unless you are the most corrupt lier regime in the world, and Poroshenko in did is such
watch the neocons
NATO war and fearmongers everyday against Russia and you wonder why Russia has a strong border policy
Chicken Hunter
Ukraine is a joke,big brother Russia is watching 🌝🍹
Xx zedex xX
Крим је Русија 🇷🇺💪❤️👍
Great things from Serbia 🇷🇸
twoblunt chuck
Its like Good buu vs Bad buu if you think about it.......
sickle slash
Reminds me of Puerto Rico. Be puppets by the Spanish or be puppets by the US
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🇲🇲 Asia's Meth Boom Fear of war in Ukraine - Power struggle 2 days ago   26:01

Methamphetamines are flooding into countries across Asia.

But where do the drugs come from, and who is profiting from feeding the world’s addiction?

101 East travels to the notorious “Golden Triangle” to investigate what’s driving Asia’s meth boom and why authorities are powerless to stop it.

With rare access to the borderlands of Myanmar, the world’s largest meth producer, 101 East meets leaders of rebel armies who are often blamed for the country’s drug production and explores whether the nation’s military could be involved.

On the front line of the drug war, 101 East joins a patrol with the Thai military as they try to stop the massive flow of methamphetamines coming across the border from Myanmar.

In a recent bust, Thai authorities seized 300 kilograms of crystal meth. If it had reached Australia, the drugs, known as ‘ice’, would have been worth $180 million.
But despite record-breaking amounts of meth being seized across the region, authorities estimate they are only catching about 20 per cent of it.
The rest can end up anywhere from construction sites in Thailand, where laborers use the drug to help them work long hours, to wealthier countries like Australia, where young people take the drug to party.

“The world has lost the war on drugs,” says Thailand’s Justice Minister.

With unrivalled access to parts of Asia rarely seen, this 101 East documentary paints an unnerving picture of an underground trade that authorities seem powerless to stop.

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