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On the eve of presidential elections in Ukraine, the power struggle on the Sea of Asov is coming to a head. The Sea of Asov borders both Ukraine and Russia.

Both states have the right to use it. Yet Russia is setting up obstacles to shipping on the sea. What if a situation similar to that in Crimea is threatening this region? Oleksandr Oliynyk, director of the port of Mariupol, is convinced that ‘Russia wants to destabilize our region and is exerting economic pressure to acquire what it failed to get in 2014.’ The economy of Mariupol has been suffering since the start of the war in Eastern Ukraine. The amount of cargo handled by the port has plummeted. Difficulties for ports in eastern Ukrainian were exacerbated after the opening of the Kerch bridge, connecting the annexed Crimean peninsula with the Russian mainland. Freight ships with a height of more than 33 meters cannot pass under the bridge, and can no longer reach eastern Ukraine.
Russian border controls and the coastguard body of the FSB, the domestic Russian secret service, make matters worse, costing money and days of waiting for the ship owners. Fewer and fewer shipping firms are willing to call at eastern Ukrainian ports. ‘Of course we’re worried about losing our jobs’ says Artjom, a docker who has been working a reduced four-day week for some time. His colleague Sergej, at the neighboring shipyard, has had his hours cut since the beginning of this year. Everyone here is feeling Russia’s increasing pressure and dominance. Many are afraid that the war could also soon reach Mariupol.
The documentary accompanies people in Mariupol and Berdjansk through their daily lives, just a stone’s throw from the front line. Their livelihoods are inextricably linked with the Sea of Asov, and they are at risk of becoming embroiled in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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Louis -
Those poor kids and civilians. Always the wrong people are hurting..
Oh please, if Russia wanted to seize the sea of Asov, they would've with EASE. The civilians preparing for a war won't have one, only a decimation.
Highganja Highsky
Peace peace mother earth wants peace
Putin attacking from everyside like always..and now Ukraine has suddenly more and more help from americans. So Putin is even more angry. He attacks then they make believe ppl in Ukraine is the Americans first. Which we can't deny either because it can be that some americans are attacking for real next to russians, from the other hand, the other ones are helping the ukranian ppl...so Putin attacks everyone including russian too so the russians they believe that is the Ukrainians attacking which it is also truth and at the same time is Russia killing its own ppl.
Marek Trochan
that what you get when you betray your own country you fools.. never trust Babylonians..
SKG _Combat
0:51 this woman thinks like a kid. Why would russia invade ukraine when in this time russia has a lot of other problems to deal with??
Houston Cranford
Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦
You cannot be loyal to more than one country at the same time. You cannot be a patriot. But I geuss they rather be a Soviet. Ha what a laugh. They think they want to live under Putin? What stupid people. They literaly are willing to give up all their rights just to work. Wow. Cowardly old men talk talk while the young die for their nation.
Russia is literaly actively trying to invade multiple countries. Why are Europeans such hypocrites. America has to do everything. While countries like germany are building another oil pipeline to russia. Smart countries like Poland are buying their natural gas from the United states. Russia is an agressive country and always has been for hundreds of years. Their dream is to dominate Europe and they want it to be a reality this time. No cold war only with the usa this time while Europe does nothing. The eauropeans military is pathetic since each nation depends on the others to help so nobody can defend themselves and if theres war each nation will need what troops they have to defend their own land so that means no help for anyone else. They will call the United states and hope we come to their aid even though they treat us like garbage and contempt. Poor ukraine. Europeans do nothing to help them. What happens when ukraine is russia again?? Then Poland and Hungary will be on new borders. Even Romania. Moldova will be in a bad spot. Transnistria will be happy to be back in russia.
porky is now out, ukraine has a new leader,,, an actor, ah well, you get what you deserve,,its a shame for the workers,
George Washington
That Blonde Mom Is So Beautiful! 😍 She Should Be A Model!
The Sea of Azov is only a shallow salt-water pond.
Glenn Southee
How about getting a little of the facts correct - pure propaganda.
None of this would have been necessary if Germany and EU/US haven't orchestrated and backed the regime change maidan operation. But sure Germany can still play the good guy on this documentary
nerk twins
Soros and the US state department started all of this trouble.
Wayne Sarge
Ukraine bring the US on Russia border, what expect?
Matteo F.
One sided history, typical DW "Documentary"
Rusofobia de lux...
billy luo
Just marry your daughter to a foreigner, your family.s life will get a lot better ,
Faez Mohtar
Never know that azov sea is so big. Looking at the map, it looks small
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Warlords: Hitler vs Stalin (WW2 Fear of war in Ukraine - Power struggle 1 day ago   48:46

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The personalities and spectres of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin loom large in the events of the twentieth Century. They were similar in some respects and yet very different in others.

The first in a series that examines the interaction of the leading protagonists of WW2, this program looks in some depth at the nature of the relationship and interaction of these two ‘warlords’. The use of primary materials and memoirs as sources gives the psycho-historical analysis some substance.

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