Russian Troops Fire Warning Sneaking Into A Ukrainian Military 1 day ago   02:07

Wall Street Journal
Russian troops surrounding the Belbek Airbase near Sevastopol fired warning shots over the heads of unarmed Ukrainian troops trying to return to work there on Tuesday. Photo: AP

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Comments 69 Comments

Вадим Горбунов
"We have America on our side!... Will you shoot at the Soviet flag?" LOL what a mess.
Оззи Озборн
Дэбилы орут -Америка с нами !! а сами с советским флагом - я охреневаю с них
Оззи Озборн
Пока эти придурки спали ,наши уже аэродром захватили !
Russians sons of bitchs
At 1:23 one of the Ukrainians shouts in russian language: "USA is with us!" Everything clear now?
Dominik Hutník Viktorovich Chlebnikov
I would beat the ukrop loudmouth with my rifle sukin sin
edward mampo
Russian deserved the right in crimean because the there are russian sharing borders ..not the american nor nato ..american are terrosim sponsored lies every iraq , libya egyt afgan country ..and they kill millions of peoples .. by spreading lies and provocation
Cristian Liviu
Nothing new about nomad russian baboon .
Synester Lui
Love Russia from India
love u russia. roosia
And those Ukrop idiot barking at russian soldiers "Americans With us"!??!!
shanmugavel Prabakaran
once upon a time russia and ukraine are one nation......
very brave men
klaus mortensen
The Great Mother of Russia, the Mother from who the Nazi Invasion, was a crime, are know doing the same, take land, and claim land, under a President, who , take cares of all in opposition , shot in the back, going home from a restaurant, Putin 1-0 to opposition , anyone ells to try, Hitler used the word slaves, to Russians, was he wrong, if he was, Zar Peter , are still the ruler, of Russia, . And are there relatives to him, they are legitim rulers of Russia .....
Binaj Basnet
south korea ,japan,germany france uk were america's dogs, now a new dog called ukraine for america ....shame on you
Ukrainian neo nazis
евгений цымбалов
Америка с нами.Вот дебил этот Мамчур )))
The Praetor
God help the people of Ukraine, whose government were taken over in a coup sponsored by Nato, and who now has a puppet goverment set up by the West consiting of Mafia thugs who are using Neo-Nazi fascist thugs and hooligans to terrorise the local population into submisssion. All the people are calling for a referendum, so the matter can be laid to rest, and the people to decide whom they want in charge, but this is being denied. Why?, because thy know that 95% of the population are against those them.
RosieBull 5
hate how nobody helps Ukraine
ахаха, "Америка с нами", всё ясно, дальше можно не смотреть.
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Sneaking Into A Ukrainian Military Russian Troops Fire Warning 1 day ago   07:01

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Angry crowds of Russia supporters as well as Russian military units surrounded and entered Ukraine's Naval High Command in Sevastopol blocking all exits and demanded that its officers switch allegiance to Crimea's new Kremlin-aligned government. Naval Command has so far remained mostly loyal to Kiev, but its fall would represent a significant psychological victory for Russian forces.

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