Trump sees total rout Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori 2 days ago   02:16

BBC News
US President Donald Trump has said territory held by the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq could be "100%" liberated as early as next week.

"It should be announced, probably some time next week, that we will have 100% of the caliphate," he told a gathering of coalition partners.

However, he also cautioned that he wanted to "wait for the official word".

US military and intelligence officials say IS could stage a comeback without sustained counter-terrorism pressure.

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jalal Ibari
jalal Ibari
try my language study. Who is uncle sam?
jalal Ibari
please stop the civil war. you had one and Persians
also have.
Ben Hadnam
Ohhhhhhhhhh tommmy tommmmy
Max Covfefe
Cheetos for brains.
Johnny Rad
1984 America. Dumbed down and sleepwalking.
Johnny Rad
Eastasia, Eurasia anyone?? Nothing more than fear and control.
Mrk Williams
BBC =Brussels broadcasting corporation news at its shittyist
Mrk Williams
Trump rules like a boss
Michael Solomon
Hey mr trumpet quick question here? Can I sleep with your wife if I wear a condom😆 I think modern day christians are allowed to share.
no hassle
Trump actually did pretty well on the ISIS front. Pity Saudi Arabia are his friends though.
Typical scum BBC comments by pigshit illiterate liberal scum. Dregs of society.
He calls the CIA analysis stupid and he doesn't discuss with his top military but HE says ISIS is destroyed. If we leave and everything goes to shit what did our warriors die for? Furthermore he's building a wall to keep out hungry Latinos not terriorist or criminals. We the US and partners created these situations; just look at the history of our involvement. We don't teach that in school.
The Russians dealt to IS not the USA
Jim Miklas
American contractors are replacing U.S. troops. Trump is a liar.
Fly on the Wall
If you don't hear the words 'opium trade destroyed' once, in a victory speech, against terrorists. Then it's a fake victory...
लोकतंत्र का पागल-दीवाना
USA & Russia both should have destroyed all nuclear bombs. because we want to peace in this world
You know, I'm not a Muslim, I'm not from the Middle East, and I don't understand a whole lot about ISIS or what ISIS stands for. However, if their 'vicious' regime has anything to do with reclaiming lands stolen by the West, avenging the civilians that the West has slaughtered mercilessly, and taking back control of their 'money, laws, and borders' (alla Brexit lol), I see nothing wrong with it. We do not have the right to police the world and we shouldn't be involved in our neighbours' domestic policies.
Tom Hill
Does this mean that the US Is going to stop covertly supplying ISIS through Saudi Arabia???
Luke Bitton
conveniently timing for Venezuela ...
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Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori Trump sees total rout 2 days ago   12:56

At least half a million young men in Japan are thought to have withdrawn from society, and refuse to leave their bedrooms. They’re known as hikikomori.

Their families often don’t know what to do, but one organisation is offering ‘sisters for hire’ to help coax these young men out of their isolation.

A film by Amelia Martyn-Hemphill for BBC World Hacks

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