Apt. Building Shelled Twice Crimean Crisis Takes Its First 1 day ago   08:04

Patrick Lancaster
The apartment building at address 16 st. Hospital in Golmovskia Gorlovka has been damaged by Ukraine 122mm artillery fire for the second time in 3 days. When is the world going to open their eyes and put pressure on the Ukraine government to stop targeting civillians?

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ranger 2600
Thanks for sharing this news, it's hard to get to know what's going on over their.
Yuri Sherinu
Mankind has not developed enough from animals. Great sadness.
Dan Chan
Good reporting Patrick, be careful out there.
Wear that vest EVERYTIME pat.
Nigel Baird
Thanks Patrick. This happening everyday. Mindless shelling and aggression on residential areas is despicable. Zelensky’s all smiles with his new friends in Brussels, while these brave citizens are being subjected to acts of aggression that undisputedly are war crimes.
UVB76 -4625KHZ
Canada Trudeau and Freeland killing Russian speaking People Kind with Canadian tax payers money
Warsaw -Chicago-Direct
The Ukraine govt realizes they have essentially lost this territory. With is civil war entering its 6th year, the time approaches for a brokered deal which will include another referendum. The west cannot continue to fund Ukraine, it simply is just adding-up, and no matter what, the people will simply not agree to be part of Ukraine anymore, especially after the years of shelling. The Ukraine govt had one chance of getting the people on their side after the election and new govt, but they totally screwed that up. They could have made some concessions and won back the favor of the people. A small chance, nevertheless now its zero and they know it. So what do they choose to do? Destroy the homes of all civilians in the areas. They can leave, but they will have nothing. They want to see Russia pay for all the damage. This war is a disgrace. All the nations involved with training and funding the 2 sides have no common sense and morals. You think they would have learned after Korea and Vietnam for example, but these destructive, life-ruining proxy wars continue with thousands of innocents being casualties and paying with their lives or livelihood for absolutely no significant reason whatsoever. Its just war/strength posturing amongst the rich and powerful nations using Ukraine citizens as puppets. Utterly disgraceful and those responsible will be asked by Jesus why they were so evil.
Greetings Друзья!
Слава ДНР и ЛНР. Слава России! Great coverage Patrick.
NTF Unit Foxtrot-6 Commander
Show the war from the ukrainian soldiers side, in their tranches, if you that smart
noel sandoval
Why aren't we hearing about this war?
Thurman Sherman
You should create a video with Russell “Texas” Bentley.
Axios .king
How can you walk around so easily with balls that big?
SnickleFritz 420
Dude be carful hanging around where they just shelled be ready to hit the deck at any moment
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Crimean Crisis Takes Its First Apt. Building Shelled Twice 1 day ago   12:11

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