Locked out of my House Hypotheticals: The Wagyu Program 1 day ago   08:43

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two idiot dont make a smart

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope you get into your house, whenever you leave

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Lucas Dumont
8:02 why it doesn't have a sound effect?
Oof Boy12
your Asian. NANI!
this is the first video i watched of her, and i love it
MandalaBloom 5467
Krazy Poops
That’s not nice I live there
A lot of people can hide a spare somewhere near the door. Even in one of those combination lock fake rocks. I can't do this. I live in a Victorian terrace with no front garden/yard. There is literally no where to hide a key that couldn't easily be discovered and used. Luckily my neighbour has a spare. Unlucky if she's out. So pretty much have to wait for her to come home in the instance I rarely get locked out. Makes it even more awkward without the front garden/yard, pretty much just hanging out on the public pathway.
Landon just regular old Landon
Your birthday is in the same month as mine
Wexford princess
One time my Mother and I were asked to babysit my two young cousins ( 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl) while my aunt and uncle went out for dinner ,They said they would be back by midnight but when midnight rolled around they still hadnt come back and their house had no service so we couldnt text them or my Dad who was waiting at our house because we had no spare key so he was staying up until we came back , 2am rolls around and they finnally arrived and they said they got "stuck in traffic" but i had a new cousin a few months later sooooo i think we all knew what happened that night😉😉😉. So my Mom and I arrive home and go to open the front door and it is locked and we were scared at first but just thought "Oh he probaly fell asleep waiting for us" so we listened to his snores (HE SNORES SO LOUD) to see where they were coming from to see if he had gone to bed or just passed out in a chair while waiting ,We discovered his snores were coming from my parents bedroom which ment that he went to bed . We tried ringing him but he wasnt waking up so we started to panic ,then i saw my sisters window was open so we tried yelling at her but it didnt work , Then we noticed the ladder that my Dad had been using to get up on the roof to fix the chimney and we got the bright idea to set up the ladder so i could climb up to my sisters room and climb throught the window (also we tried getting through other windows in our house but they were all closed) I being the smaller one climbed up the ladder and tried to open the window wide enought to fit through so we decided to grab things off the window sill and throw them at my sister to try and wake her ,We had almost cleared the window sill in areas i could reach so in desperation i grabbed a hard back book (It was harry potter) and chucked it at her with the most strength i could and THE CORNER OF THE BOOK HIT HER ON THE HEAD she bolted up and then looked very puzzled at the arry of stuff on her bed from me chucking it at her ,She muat have realised they came from the window sill and lokked towards the window and shrieked when she just saw my face sticking throught the window ,and in my half awake state i just tell her " (sisters name) open the front door now" she just nodded her head and whiapered ok in a barely-awake voice , So i climb down the ladder and we waited dor about 10 min for her but when she didnt come i climbed back up the ladder to see that she had passed out getting out of bed and was half on the bed and half on the floor so i grabbed the last item i could reach on the window sill which was a water bottle that was half filled and chucked that at her AND IT HIT HER RIGHT IN THE FACE she bolted up again and i just sayed "Open the front door NOW" she just nodded and started getting up and walking out of her door and at that point i climbed down and waitied as my sister unlocked the door and let us in ,We were too tired at that point to put the ladder away so we just left it their locked the door and fell asleep in our clothes next morning my Dad goes to get the post and is very confused at to why there was a ladder leading to my sisters window and asks my Mom, and after she explains everything he told us he assuamed at around 1am that we would just sleep there and didnt think we would come home so he locked up and went to bed
Braden duck cool skateboards Treichel
Happy birthday
Ashley Wainscott
Jaden please make a music video I mean well James. made one up and Adam it’s Alex Clark made one I mean like dude you got to make one
Matthew Matthew
ava g
happy birthday im a idiot
Doki furryball
of horizon Ninja
I have flew in fligth and them I did not get tired
Zachary Tsai
6:00 With enough lockpicks, it is still very possible to unlock a master lock even without any Lockpicking boosts.
Nurhannani Mokhtar
jaiden what if your uber driver is watching and he knows you lied to him?
Lottie Allen
My dad is an Uber driver in Arizona.
Joey Garza
I’ve been locked out of my house like 3 times
May The Wolf
“I’m not having a good time right now :(“

OMG JAIDEN!! That was adorable T_T I’m crying!! You’re so cute! eeeeeeeee :D
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Hypotheticals: The Wagyu Program Locked out of my House 1 day ago   12:59

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