Locked out of my House How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating 2 days ago   08:43

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two idiot dont make a smart

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope you get into your house, whenever you leave

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John Rajesh
this is creepy because my dads name is Rajesh :0
Callme Kevin
Jaiden just got RAJESH-ded
To morrow
Beast man Gurk
That is an Indiana name Rajesh
Terminator 292
Happy birthday I am already a disappointment
Shelby Sanders
I hate when uber drivers do that ish🤦🏻‍♀️😡
Minecraft pro I’m mining
That’s a big OoF♥️😐♥️😐
Chelsea Pettiford
i dont care happy birthday too you happy bithday to you happy brithday DEAR JAIDENNNNN :)
Danny Duvtoes
Your birthday is 1 day after mine (yay)
lonewolf prime
5:49 find the hidden animator...turn headphones all the way up...no screw that speakers use speakers for this or you wont hear it right
lonewolf prime
2:08 *cocks gun*.....take me home
glichy yt
Take me home
Ryan Wittenbarger
Me. Thinking the 👌 symbol is upside down. Me. 👌 but upside down. My fren: wait whaaaaaat?
Quinn Fastnow
My friend and I often do a lemonade stand during the summer because we're broke and it's good money. Our favorite corner is a few blocks away from an epic museum, and because classes started in a week for the university and we were still at peak tourist season, we were constantly telling people how to get to the museum. One lady asked for directions, and I was about to say "take graph until you reach 11th, then go straight until Kagy and turn right, you can't miss it" like I normally would, but then I realized that she was on foot, so she could take the trail so I said "take graph until you reach the trail, turn right, and it'll put you out at the back of the museum" she thanks me and starts walking along graph in the direction I'd indicated, but five minutes later she's coming back the other way. WHY? So yeah, the uber dude would have been weirded out.
OwO nice vid this is the first of ur vids I’ve seen theodd1sout
The Conglar
How do so stupid stuff heppend to you lol
Gina Griffin
Happy birthday I did that comment last year as well
Gina Griffin
Happy birthday
Gina Griffin
Happy birthday
Naty Renteria
Why didnt you sleep on the plane?
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How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating Locked out of my House 2 days ago   02:51

Here's some tricks for anyone out there who's still trick or treating! You don't even need to go to the rich people neighborhood!

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